Štrukelj’s educators are obstructing the work of the Ministry and harming public health under the guise of concern due to the alleged confusion!

Trade unionist Branimir Štrukelj (Photo: STA)

According to the Slovenian Press Agency, the Trade Union of Education, Science and Culture of Slovenia warns of confusion regarding the testing of employees of the education sector for the new coronavirus with rapid tests, ahead of the partial reopening of schools which is scheduled to happen next week. The union was allegedly bothered by the fact that the Ministry’s first circular only recommended testing, and yesterday, the Minister Simona Kustec said that testing would be mandatory. Interestingly, we later also learned that the Trade Union of Education, Science and Culture is not only bothered by the confusion, but also by the fact that testing is mandatory, as they are supposedly convinced that trying to persuade people that this is good for everyone, with arguments, works better. Based on what? After all, Šrtukelj’s union operates politically, in the service of those who want to overthrow this government.

The Trade Union of Education, Science and Culture (Sindikat vzgoje, izobraževanja, znanosti in kulture – hereinafter referred to as SVIZ), and its secretary-general, Branimir Štrukelj, are pointing out that there is allegedly a lot of confusion regarding the testing, at least according to the Slovenian Press Agency. The confusion was allegedly caused by the Minister of Education Simona Kustec, because the Ministry supposedly sent out a circular, in which it only recommended testing, and on the next day, the Minister said that testing would be mandatory.

Let’s recap, in a certain period last year, “Štrukelj’s educators” called for the abolition of wearing of the masks in schools, together with the SD party, and thus greatly influenced the exponential growth of the number of COVID-19 virus infections. And ever since there has been talk of testing for the teachers, these same “educators,” who are, to a much greater extent, the loyal “party activists,” were at the barricades, saying that this should not be mandatory, although a legal possibility to enforce the mandatory testing also exists.

These are political moves being made by a political body
First, we got the information that SVIZ is supposedly bothered by the confusion, but then we received the information that they are not bothered by the confusion, but by the fact that the Minister insisted that the testing will be obligatory. So, what is actually bothering them? Let’s not fool ourselves, SVIZ is, as we have previously already written, just another branch of the transitional left, and we are supposed to believe that it is just a part of the civil society, that it is apolitical when in reality, it does a lot of purely political field work for the left. Given their often extreme views, a lot of the work is also done for the Levica party (the Left) in particular.

SVIZ supposedly believes that trying to convince people with arguments of how this is all for the greater good, is better than coercion. We can conclude from this that they are therefore not against testing per se, only against the way the whole thing was presented. They want teachers to be respected, to be treated like adults who can be persuaded into acting reasonably, if they hear good arguments for it, but they must by no means be forced into anything – because in doing so, you are violating the dignity of an adult.

SVIZ has not provided any arguments for its position, it has not made it clear why they believe what they believe, of the deadline they are talking, and the Slovenian Press Agency is, of course, only reporting on the matter – God forbid they actually ask any questions, especially when they should ask the branch of the transitional left anything. This continues to be the everyday tragedy of the mainstream media, which, together with the left, have completely turned their backs on the Slovenian nation about a year ago, and do not care about public health at all, and everything will stay as it is for as long as they can continue to mess with the current government.

Aleš Ernecl