Tanja Fajon brags about the Iranian ambassador’s visit – did they also talk about Sharia law and laundering of Iranian money under the former NLB administration?

Foto: Twitter

“The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Kazem Shafei, and I discussing our views on the current situation, in my office of the European Parliament. He informed me about the challenges of respecting the 2015 nuclear deal after the United States announced its withdrawal. The EU is doing all it can to maintain the agreement.” This is what the SD champion and MEP Tanja Fajon published on Twitter today, and she also posted the pictures of the meeting.

Meetings of Members of the European Parliament with diplomatic representatives of foreign countries are nothing out of the ordinary; however, Tanja Fajon’s meeting with the Iranian ambassador is of special importance. As a leftist, Fajon is considered (at least declarative) to be a fighter for women’s rights, and Iran can in no way be set as an example when it comes to women’s rights.

Moreover, executions by stoning still exist in Muslim countries, and recently, the left-wing protesters “stoned” the image of the Prime Minister Janez Janša. Apparently, Fajon supports such practices.

It would also be interesting to know whether Fajon talked to the Iranian diplomat about the laundering of Iranian money in NLB. As is well-known, the praised National Bureau of Investigation did not perform its task well in this matter, as none of the perpetrators from the then-NLB management board have been punished yet, for abusing the largest state-owned bank.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media continue to devote themselves to the theatrical house searches in the case of Zdravko Počivalšek (and it will probably turn out this time as well, that there will be nothing more to this than political discrediting). In short, the Iranian ambassador has apparently knocked on the right door if he is looking for someone to protect the interests of his country, which will, of course, not be free.