Tanja Fajon for a Serbian media outlet with lies against Nova24TV and the current government

Tanja Fajon (Foto: STA)

Tanja Fajon really made the best of her five minutes of fame. In an interview with the Serbian media outlet Politika, she shared some of her truths about the current political situation, as the chairwoman of the EU-Serbia Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee. Among other things, she portrayed herself as a victim of our media outlet, as we are critical of her in our reports, and we, of course, also expect her to answer the journalistic questions, which she refuses to do. Only she knows why, but we definitely gave her a chance to share her side of the story. “This is a direct example of the politically instructed media attacks. These show us the importance of the freedom of the media. We can see that the model of politically controlled media is spreading in the region. From Hungary to Serbia, Slovenia and elsewhere, they pose a direct threat to democracy,” the “forever innocent” leader of the Social Democrats, Tanja Fajon, said.

At the beginning of the interview for the Serbian media outlet Politika, Fajon said that she is worried about the low turnout at the latest election in Serbia. She said the same about the low voter turnout at the latest European Parliament elections in Slovenia. But in the interview, she diligently kept silent about the task of the influencers, starlets, and the left-leaning TV presenters, who were paid to ensure the highest possible turnout with their marketing tactics. They were even taken to Brussels for this purpose, but they failed to reach the desired effect.

She then went on to say that she intends to help establish a dialogue with the Serbian government, the boycotting opposition, the non-governmental organizations, and the media, which will bring Serbia closer to the European Union. When asked whether her criticism of the Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić had worsened her relationship with the ruling SNS party, she said she is not worried about that, as it is in everyone’s interest for Serbia to adopt the European values ​​and move closer to the EU membership.

In 2020, Fajon still thinks that a journalist must be a socio-political worker and someone who believes in the ideas of Marxism and Leninism
In an interview, full of platitudes, she made sure not to miss the opportunity that came with the last question to complain to the Serbian public about how bad it currently is in Slovenia. Among other things, she did not forget to mention the latest article from the Serbian media outlet B92, which asked her a few unpleasant questions and then revealed in their article, that she is, in fact, a Brussels millionaire and an anti-Semite, who works in a villa, which belonged to the Moskovič Jewish family, which was murdered in Auschwitz. Our media outlet also summarized the article, but instead of Fajon’s answers, we were accused of lying and deception.

Photo: Nova24TV

Tanja Fajon, who was shaped in our RTV Slovenija, was a member of the left-wing media elite, who was always considered to be something more and practically untouchable. Or, as Jože Smole said at one of the sessions of the Communist Party, a journalist is a socio-political worker, who is also a supporter of the ideas of Marxism and Leninism. This is what is being presented as the normal and independent media in Slovenia. Fajon then made the jump from the correspondent’s office in Brussels, to the premises of the European Parliament in 2009, when she was first elected for the position of MEP on the list of the SD party. So much for an independent journalist…

We are wondering if she was referring to the impartial reporting of her journalist colleagues from RTV Slovenija, who have been trying to bring the Janša government down as soon as possible, every day since March 13th. We recently showed you a clip from an interview, where Fajon used the term President of the Republic instead of the term Prime Minister (who is called the President of the Government in Slovenian). The entire statement was broadcast on the central news show on national television, and a good two hours, later the statement was already edited for the show Odmevi so that only the word “president” could be heard. In Odmevi, they highlighted the following Fajon’s statement: “My dilemma or even presumption is that they probably failed to conceal or stop the house searches. It feels like their house of cards is collapsing. It’s a terrible story, knowing that there is crime that reaches to the very top of the country, to the president himself.” The most noticeable part of the clip was that the statement was cut after the word “president.” It is obvious that the censors wanted her to mention the Prime Minister (President of the Government in Slovenian) in connection with the investigations, who is a big thorn in the side of the national media outlet, and not the President of the Republic.

Tanja Fajon and the entire left-wing political, economic, and media elite forget that we live in 2020, in a time of parliamentary democracy and pluralistic thinking, and above all, not in the time of unanimity, where all the media outlet only report her truth. It is strange, however, that she never raises her voice when Janez Janša or somebody else from the right-wing political sphere experiences constant unpleasant media attacks, day after day.

She is bothered by the Nova24TV media outlet because we are holding up a mirror to her
“That is why they try to discredit me with their lies, fake news, call it what you will, mostly through the Nova24 television, the political media project of Janša and the Hungarian businessmen who are close to the Prime Minister Viktor Orban. This has been going on and on, and recently, it has even spread to Serbia, through the close ties with their political allies or the media,” she made sure to portray herself as the victim for the Serbian public.  

For starters, Tanja Fajon and her Social Democrats could start behaving like a mature political party. The author of this article has been waiting for several days for the answers to questions about her Macedonian friend Zoran Zaev and her opinion on the Macedonian legal system. Given that she is full of criticism for Poland and Hungary, she could answer why Zaev sent the former head of the Skopje Criminal Court Vladimir Pancevski to prison for a period of three and a half years. Tanja Fajon does not write tweets about this, and Marcel Štefančič Jr. does not ask her questions like this on the Studio City show.

She also keeps quiet at the mention of the names of the leader of the SD parliamentary group Matjaž Han in the Radeče papir Nova affair, or the fallen director of the controversial environmental company Atotecha from Podnart and long-time influential SD member in Radovljica, Mariana Karla Rebernik. However, she views the normal, relevant journalistic questions as an attack on her personality. She is also bothered by how the director of our media house and the host of the show Kdo vam laže? (Who is lying to you?) Boris Tomašič continues to reveal her mistakes and the lies she sold to her beloved independent media in the service of the former regime, to the entire Slovenian public, day after day.

The Social Democrats still have the loyal judges, prosecutors, and journalists, who were placed at their positions under the former regime, but any real criticism of them is an attack on their independence
You will find it difficult to find an untouchable judge, prosecutor, or journalist abroad. A critical attitude has been established towards them, as everyone who is a part of public life has to face criticism. However, apparently, Fajon is convinced that she should be the one exception and that Nova24TV should not pay close attention to her actions. “I am not surprised. This is a tactic that spreads fear and attacks the journalists, judges, prosecutors. All of this is currently happening in my country.”

If she was referring to the judges who go to the Social Democrats’ party picnics wearing T-shirts with communist symbols on them, it seems very difficult for the Slovenian public to believe that they are judging fairly and impartially. Other judges are no exception, as it is only right that the public knows about the biased decisions and statements that we have witnessed in recent months and years, made by Branko Masleša, Marjan Pogačnik, and others.

Attacks on the prosecution are a phrase that the political left always uses when it runs out of counterarguments. Why did the Slovenian Prosecutor’s Office and law enforcement authorities not carry out any criminal proceedings in the case of Irangate, the overpaid vascular stents, TEŠ 6, and other more or less high-profile cases, in which the influential people from the left political circle are strongly involved? Many of them appear in the high circles of the SD party.

And last but not least, Fajon is still self-confidently convinced that she has been facing an even greater danger, ever since she took over the opposition of the president of the Social Democrats party. “That’s why everything you’ve been able to read recently is simply fake news, being spread on a daily basis. I have no connection with the Jews who were killed in Auschwitz, I was not even born at the time, I do not have millions in my account, and I work closely with all religions to protect them, when necessary, as I believe in free and progressive societies, based on free-thinking individuals,” is how she presented herself, similar to a candidate for Miss World. At the end of the interview, she referred to the truth and the path that leads to it. But the real truth can be found in many records, which are very different from her sweet talk.

Luka Perš