Tanja Fajon, future hope of the Slovenian left-wing parties, shocked by the terrorist actions of migrants she invited into Europe

Fajonova na shodu za podporo migrantskemu centru v središču Ljubljane, (foto: Twitter)

Migrations raise historic and global questions. For centuries they have presented a positive experience for all countries who welcomed immigrants,” tweeted MEP Tanja Fajon. After yesterday’s Berlin terrorist attack, Fajon stated that the actions committed by an illegal immigrant shocked her, which triggered a massive negative reaction on Twitter.

Tanja Fajon, who has always been posting on social media about her agenda, is surely one of the most prominent supporters of migrants arriving in Europe and of the migrant quotas according to the Angela Merkel plan.

She proved her eager allegiance to the migrant policy at the start of the year, during a demonstration in which she supported the centre for migrants on Kotnikova street in Ljubljana, where she appeared with Milan Kučan, former head of communists, Zoran Janković, the Mayor of Ljubljana, and some other representatives of the Slovenian transitional left.

After yesterday’s attack carried out by a Pakistani migrant, who drove his heavy truck into a crowd of innocent people at the Christmas market in Berlin, killing 12, and after the assassination of the Russian Ambassador during a shooting in Zürich, Fajon was suddenly shocked by Islamic militants, whom she so vigorously defended before. Her statement provoked numerous heated reactions from Twitter users who were familiar with her previous opinions and point of view regarding the migrant issue. MP Žan Mahnič cited her post and stated that advocating the arrival of immigrants into the EU and being outraged by the terrorist attack at the same time is disrespectful to the victims and those who survived such atrocities.