The deep state protects its interests! The main witness – a Pakistani man who smuggled illegal immigrants, working with a prominent SD member Lidija Mavretič – will he be deported?!

Lidija Mavretič and Dejan Židan (Photo: Instagram)

The Pakistani migrant Kaka Ali, who pleaded guilty to smuggling illegal migrants, working with a prominent member of the SD party, Lidija Mavretič and her husband Marko Hranilović, is expected to serve a minimum prison sentence of one year and will be deported back to Pakistan. As a result, the prosecution of Mavretič and Hranilović will probably end badly, as there will be no main witness to testify against them!

According to the newspaper Slovenske novice, the 23-year-old migrant Kaka Ali, who drove illegal migrants through Slovenia to Italy, working with the former SD candidate for the position of MEP Lidija Mavretič and her husband Marko Hranilović, will be deported.

If this is true, it would mean that, as a witness who has been deported, Ali would not be able to testify against Mavretič and Hranilović. This is just another attempt to protect the SD party from the shameful conviction of smuggling migrants. Despite the party’s denial, Mavretič was connected with it for more than a decade after her failed candidacy for the position of Member of the European Parliament on the ZLSD list (United List of Social Democrats). She also worked with the former President of the party, Dejan Židan, promoting Slovenian wine – they even went to Hong Kong in 2017.

Was smuggling of migrants in the interest of the deep state?
In the past, we have already reported how strong the ties between the SD and certain judges are. Two that need to be mentioned are Matjaž Štok and Slavko Gazvoda from the Maribor District Court, who attended the SD’s May 1st picnic in 2019. Gazvoda even walked around in a T-shirt with a red star on it, while Štok was wearing the colour of the SD party.

At first, Ali tried to take all the blame on himself, while Mavretič and Hranilović insisted that they were innocent and claimed they did not know that they were smuggling illegal migrants, even though Mavretič was allegedly offered 200 euros for each migrant that they drove across the country. Police officers who arrested Mavretič in a Mercedes full of illegal migrants decided to file a criminal complaint with the competent State Prosecutor’s Office, which would result in Mavretič being sentenced to five years in prison. But as it turns out, this will not happen, as the tentacles of the deep state, in its efforts to protect the SD party, are even willing to deport the migrant from the country.

Given the amounts cited by the illegal smugglers as a cost for someone to get to the West, migrant smuggling is a very lucrative business. On the other hand, according to the latest information, the SD party has still not paid off its old debts, and when transferring from the SMC party to the SD party, the “new” Social Democrats MP Gregor Židan said that the reason for his transfer was a “dream offer.” It is well-known that Gregor Židan was in serious financial trouble before his transfer and had two companies with blocked accounts.

Ivan Šokić