The former director of SOVA and supplier of protective equipment, Selan, ordered Gale to record all conversations and then hand them over! Tarča got the recordings through Golobič!

Foto: STA/Printscreen

Ever since Thursday’s show Tarča (Target), the mainstream media and the left-wing activists have been trying to convince us that Ivan Gale from the Agency for Commodity Reserves is a hero and a whistleblower, as he had revealed details from the masks affair, in which he cleverly included politics, but the truth is completely different. After we received certain information, it became clear why they staged this entire show. At the Agency for Commodity Reserves, a strong connection between Gale and the former director of SOVA (Slovene Intelligence and Security Agency), Sebastjan Selan, and former agent of SOVA Sandi Bonaco as the exclusive suppliers of larger quantities of protective equipment, had long ago been formed. And the companies behind all of this are M.D. Global, which failed to deliver the agreed-upon quantity of protective masks within the contractually set time, the Krško-based company Oeco, which is engaged in strategic sales and digital marketing in the metal industry, and several other companies as well.

Since March 20th, when the interdepartmental group was formed, their agreement supposedly began to crumble, so Selan ordered Gale to record all conversations and then hand them over. From there, the recordings found their way to one of the most influential people of the Slovenian transitional left, Gregor Golobič. Given that Golobič is someone who has repeatedly proven that he has a big influence on the media, including the public broadcaster RTV Slovenia, where he had repeatedly appeared as a guest commentator, it is not surprising that the recordings were then handed over to Lidija Hren and the creators of the show Tarča (Target).

Former director of SOVA involved in the mask business
Sebastjan Selan
is the former director of SOVA. During his time in office, Iran laundered a billion euros through the NLB, and Janez Janša dismissed him as soon as he assumed his role as the Prime Minister in his second government after the 2012 elections. Selan became the director of SOVA in July 2010, and the money from Iran was coming in from the end of 2008 until December 2010. It began at almost the same time as Borut Pahor’s government took over. In December 2010, also due to a request made by the Bank of Slovenia, NLB closed the accounts at issue. Before the 2011 elections, when Selan was still the director of SOVA, certain information about the SDS’s alleged links with neo-Nazis came to the media from SOVA, probably through Pahor’s government. Due to data leaks, the purpose of which was likely to influence the outcome of the election, criminal proceedings were subsequently initiated. So far, nobody has been punished.

Last month, one of the readers of Peter Jančič’s Spletni časopis (Online newspaper) revealed that the Association of Chemical Industries at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia sent a message to all its members, saying that they should contact Selan if they have any trouble with the procurement of the masks. As it turned out, a group of entrepreneurs was trying to trick the government, which has just taken power, in its procurement of the masks, as there was a severe lack of protective equipment in the country, because of the irresponsible behavior of the Marjan Šarec’s government. When Jančič was checking with Selan to see whether masks could really be purchased from him, he confirmed it, while also pointing out that he had been having some difficulties in purchasing the equipment, just like everyone else.

Sandi Bonaca, who is, according to our information, also involved in the story, used to be an agent at SOVA. In 2012, he was dismissed from SOVA because of irregularities in organizing a renovation of one of the apartments, and in addition, SOVA also filed a criminal complaint against him, Siol.net reports. In the run-up to the 2011 parliamentary elections, he was involved in an e-mail correspondence between Selan and the head of the Koper branch of SOVA, from which it was clear that SOVA was keeping information about persons from politics, the police, and the military. Because of his involvement in the correspondence, a question was raised of whether the members of the Pozitivna Slovenija party, who supposedly had classified information when they visited SOVA in November, got the information from Bonace.

Gale is very much involved in the business
As far as whistleblowers are concerned, they usually want to remain anonymous. In the case of the Assistant Director of the Agency for Commodity Reserves, Gale, we were able to see that his appearance on the show Tarča, where he shared his side of the story, actually resembled that of a repenter. The fact is that Gale came at just the right time for the leftist media to be proclaimed a whistleblower. However, the media forgot to mention the fact that this is the exact same Gale, who, as an adult, a legally responsible person, also co-signed a plethora of contracts for the supply of the protective equipment!? Government spokesman Jelko Kacin told it like it is, saying the following about Gale: “No, he is not a whistleblower, as he is still heavily involved in this business. He was very slow in paying the necessary amounts for the European contract, but extremely active when it came to signing contracts with enormous prices.”

According to Požareport, Gale worked in conjunction with the former director of the Agency for Commodity Reserves, Anton Zakrajšek. His story, including the disclosure of a recording of the telephone conversation between Počivalšek and Zakrajšek, was only revealed on the show Tarča after a disagreement between the Minister of Economic Development and Technology Zdravko Počivalšek and Zakrajšek. Počivalšek accused Zakrajšek of signing controversial contracts, even though he was in isolation at home, due to the coronavirus infection. Zakrajšek denied the accusation. And the final straw was the news of a controversial acquisition deal between the Agency and the SLA Marketing company from Destrnik, which was supposedly pushed forward by Zakrajšek. Given that this made Zakrajšek look bad, Gale apparently decided to become a so-called whistleblower, even though he was allegedly still involved in the private business of Selan and Bonaca.

Given that Gale is one of the signers of the disputed contract, it would only make sense for him to find himself among the suspects in the investigation. However, since he has now presented himself as a whistleblower with the help of the media, social networks and other helpers, even though he is not one, he is likely to become the main witness in the whole story. With his help, the so-called masks affair, which is heavily in favor of the leftists, had been launched by the show Tarča, which backed the whole thing up with a recording of a conversation between Počivalšek and Zakrajšek. Since both Počivalšek and Zakrajšek claim that they did not record the conversation, the main question being asked in the last couple of days, is – who is behind all of this? According to our information, supposedly, Gale is the one who, following Selan’s orders, recorded the whole thing. It certainly is interesting that Gale had not become a so-called whistleblower during the time of Marjan Šarec’s government when the Agency’s warehouses were empty.

It seems quite obvious that the whole situation is not really what the mainstream media is trying to make us believe it is, which is nothing new, of course. This is what happens when a strong connection has someone as powerful as Golobič on its side. This is the only way that irregularities can be revealed by insinuation, rather than by evidence.

Hana Murn