The Government is easing the restrictions: Maintenance and seasonal work at holiday homes will be allowed; good news for sports enthusiasts

Foto: Demokracija

On Wednesday’s correspondence session, the Government issued a new decree on the temporary general prohibition of gathering in public places and movement outside the municipalities of permanent or temporary residence, which permits certain sports activities for individuals in their municipality, as well as maintenance and seasonal work on private land outside the municipality. The ordinance will enter into force on Saturday.

This decree, effective from April 18th until revoked, still prohibits the movement and gathering of people in public places and areas, access to public places and areas, and movement outside the municipality of permanent or temporary residence unless stated otherwise by the ordinance, with the intention of limiting and controlling the covid-19 epidemic. It does, however, allow for some exceptions, such as access to shops, pharmacies, the pursuit of economic, agricultural and forestry activities, and protection and assistance of persons in need of support, or for the care of family members.

Tennis lovers will be able to return to the tennis courts. (Photo: STA)

And in compliance with the decree, an individual may, while maintaining a safe distance from other persons, indulge in individual sports or recreational activities (such as jogging, cycling, golf, yoga) in his or her municipality. Group sports that do not require contact with other individuals (such as tennis, badminton, bowling) will also be allowed, STA reports.

Maintenance or seasonal work on private land outside the municipality also allowed
Individuals and families or members of the same household will also be allowed to access, leave, or stay on private land outside their municipality of residence for purposes such as maintenance and seasonal work. Access to private land or property in a municipality, other than the municipality of residence, is permitted only via the nearest public road or public route. While staying on private land, individuals should avoid contact with other individuals or groups of persons, unless when it comes to the exceptions listed in the ordinance, such as families, according to the Government Communication Office briefing, which happened after the Government’s correspondence session, STA reports.

Individuals will have to carry an extract from the land register
In the case of movement and stay that are permitted for maintenance and work on private land, an individual must carry with them an extract from the land register or any other document that can prove they have the right to use the land which they are accessing, as well as a signed document containing some personal information and stating the purpose of their stay. In their press release, the Government released a statement form that should be used to prove the entitlement to move and stay on private land or premises outside the municipality of residence. This ordinance does not, however, apply to activities performed by the competent services to ensure the performance of the functions of the state, self-governing local communities, and public services, STA reports.

The Government has adopted a response to the request to start a constitutional examination of the ordinance prohibiting movement outside municipalities
Penalties for misdemeanors under this ordinance shall be imposed in accordance with the law on infectious diseases. In addition to the competent inspection services, the implementation of the decree is also supervised by the police within their respective competences. The Government has also adopted a response to the request to initiate the procedure for reviewing the constitutional compliance of the decree on the temporary general prohibition of movement and assembly of people in public places and areas and the prohibition of movement outside municipalities, and the proposal to suspend its enforcement. The Government believes that the request is unfounded and therefore proposes to the Constitutional Court to reject it.

Luka Perš