The left-wing elitists are worried about losing their privileges: they are bothered by the fact that NGO projects will no longer be funded – hence the “cycling” protests!

Foto: STA

Spomenka Hribar, Svetlana Slapšak, Vlado Miheljak, Boris A. Novak, Jože Pirjevec, Slavko Pregl, Božo Repe, Rudi Rizman, and Ivo Vajgl, were among the signatories of a public letter entitled “Government interventions in supervisory institutions are proof of an authoritarian rule.” Večer, which is considered to be the newsletter of the Social Democrats, revealed that 118 people signed the letter, which was created on the initiative of the new “Forum for the democracy.” The common interest of the signatories is their concern over political developments in Slovenia. But behind the superficial letter, hide shallow intentions. These are, of course, related to drawing money from the state budget!

The left-wing elitists are pointing out that they have come to the sad conclusion that their predictions about the current coalition are coming true. The coalition is supposedly leading the country to an authoritarian system of ruling with an iron fist. The leftists are accusing it of leaning towards the Hungarian example, sympathizing with joining the Visegrad group, “roughly” attacking the media and the journalists, ad subordinating the main supervisory institutions.

The signatories are also displeased with the Government’s personnel changes, adding that this will supposedly seriously damage the democratic system. “After the reveal of suspicious practices in the purchasing of protective medical equipment on the show Tarča (target) on TV Slovenija, we expected that the investigation would be handled by law enforcement agencies and the political opposition, not just the mass media,” they wrote, in regards to the main problem in the matter. But in reality, they are bothered by the fact that funding for certain non-governmental organizations, which are latched on to the state budget, is slowly being stopped.

They are bothered by the fact that funding for NGOs is stopping
Despite the fact that the coalition parties have proposed a parliamentary inquiry, the elitists have pointed out that they are convinced that the ruling coalition does not allow any control over itself and its derivates. But since experts were involved in the Government decisions, it is difficult to understand the allegations that it excluded the epidemiological professionals. The fact is that two extensive legislative corona packages have also been adopted, but the signatories nevertheless stated that the Government’s actions have led to social collapse and a reduction in funding for cultural workers and the media. Among other things, they are also bothered by the fact that the financing of non-governmental projects is stopping, and the conditions for the participation of NGOs in the procedures for issuing building permits are tightening.

Let’s see who the signatories are and what really drives them. Given that Spomenka Hribar is considered to be a good friend of Milan Kučan, it is not surprising that she signed the letter. Especially in light of the fact that in the past, she made it well-known that she supports the work of Marjan Šarec’s Government. According to her, despite the fact that the former coalition was a “minority coalition,” it still somehow worked. She seems to be missing the old days. Svetlana Slapšak is considered to be a grey eminence of the leftist ideologies and the on-duty commentator in the leftist outlets, such as Večer and Mladina. There, with nothing holding her back, she sullies anyone who dares to think differently than she does. In many of her columns, she enjoys sullying the articles from our web portal.

Vlado Miheljak is a professor at the Faculty of social sciences. In his recent column in Mladina, he called for the lynching of DeSUS and SMC MPs during the Government’s successful battle with the coronavirus. In doing so, he made it clear that there is no doubt that the left-wing activists want to overthrow the democratically elected Government, and thus, the rule of law.

This is also not the first attack on the current Government by Boris A. Novak, the Slovenian playwright and essayist. At the beginning of the month, he was the first signatory on the request of seven representatives of the Slovenian PEN club. Out of fear that they would lose their privileges, they wrote: “The competent state authorities must ensure a dignified life for the artists, scientists, intellectuals, as the future of our society depends on them, as much as it possibly can.” He also attacked the Government in the left-wing weekly Mladina, where he wrote that Slovenia is becoming more and more similar to the satellite Weimar republic: “The leading politicians of this subalpine Weimar are opening the doors to the control levers of the democratic social order to the paramilitary mob, and the future ministers of Orban’s satellite executive are being served by the President, as an obedient and well-dressed altar boy.”

They believe in the street protests on bicycles
Judging by the content of the letter, it is clear that the left-wing elitists support the protests in front of the temple of democracy. In their letter, they wrote: “Since we will now have to reclaim the previously granted democratic situation, we, the signatories, believe in and support the spontaneous forms of organizing of the civil society, including in the form of cycling and other street protests, which we have seen in recent weeks, and are also announced for the future. If the rule of the people is threatened, we must fight for it.”

It seems interesting that the same people who, in their first letter, wrote that SMC and DeSUS were being led by “political interests” when joining the coalition, which is supposedly a great sin, are now letting their opinion be known once again. Apparently, the “academics” do not realize that in democracies, political parties are always driven by political interest. Either way, apparently the select few, most of whom are latched on to the public funds through their political and personal connections, are beginning to lose touch with reality because of their comfortable lifestyles.

Hana Murn