The police prove that they have had enough of the radical left-wing protesters who leave trash in front of the building, despite supposedly being extremely environmentally conscious!

Foto: Printscreen

Ever since the Government had adopted measures for limiting the spread of the novel coronavirus, the radical leftists have been provoking it in every way possible, in front of the National Assembly building. After their stunts with lighting candles and playing badminton, they have now thought of another idea – to protest the restrictions of movement and gathering, which prevent them from organizing protests, they glued paper footprints to the floor, with various inscriptions, like: “Enough trampling of democracy. You will be finished soon!” Apparently, however, the police have finally decided to put an end to the radicals’ actions, who keep littering with no shame.

The Police station Ljubljana – Center has reported that on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020, police officers noticed that people were gathering in the Republic Square in front of the National Assembly building. They found that individuals came to gather with the intent of laying or gluing paper footprints that they brought with them to the ground. Some of the paper footprints had messages written on them.

They performed the necessary identification processes
They found that the people gathering on the square were in violation of the Government’s Decree on temporary general prohibition of movement and gathering of people in public places in the Republic of Slovenia and the prohibition of movement outside of the municipality of residence, which were issued based on the Infectious Diseases Act. The Police officers did not impose fines, as this is not part of their jurisdiction, but in the case of a suspected violation, in accordance with the Police Tasks and Powers Act and the Minor Offences Act, they conducted the necessary identification processes, collected the protesters’ information and informed them that they would submit the findings to the Health inspectorate.

Foto: Printscreen

According to the police, some of the individuals were socializing and talking to each other when they arrived at the Republic Square, so the police officers also issued warnings to such persons, in accordance with Article 38 of the Police Tasks and Powers Act. They also told them that, in accordance with the Decree on Waste, they should properly dispose of any waste, which, according to the police, they did.

Police officers were notified of a pamphlet in the Tivoli and Škrabičeva ulica area
Yesterday on social networks, we noticed a post about printed leaflets that seem more like the pamphlets of those who have been calling for protests since the first minute of the new Government’s time in office. One of the things that were printed on the pamphlet was a statement from 11-year-old Valter, who told the Toplovod broadcast that even though his grandfather died of cancer, they wrote that the coronavirus was the cause of death. Among other things, the leaflet also read: “The virus is called NWOrwell10+, it came from the laboratories of the satanist globalists: Rotschild-Rockefeller Mafia, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Soros, Kučan, the leftists, the progressives, NWO-NIJZ-RTV propaganda! Reject the false positive tests – you will be written up! Let’s actively resist tyranny and the emerging genocide! Covid-19 is only the beginning, and it will mutate into total control of the survivors.”

So much for environmental awareness
We could see the leftists gathering in front of the National Assembly building and lighting candles, as early as Monday, March 23rd, despite the declared state of emergency due to the spreading of the novel coronavirus. The reason for their lighting candles was the Government’s supposed contribution to the death of the democracy, with its restrictive measures. Under the pretext of environmental awareness, they seem very bothered by the act of lighting candles on the Christian holiday of All Saints’ Day, when many of us go visit the graves of our loved ones and, by lighting candles and bringing flowers, remember them and honor their memory. But lighting candles does not seem to bother them in the slightest when it comes to protesting against a Government that does not suit them. The recent action of gluing paper footprints to the ground, only proves that the environment is the last thing most of the well-taken care off left-wingers care about. The protest is the most important thing to them, even though most of the Slovenians support the actions of the Government.

Hana Murn