The progressive cultural workers painted graffiti on the Nova24TV building

Graffiti on the façade of the building of Nova24TV.

“Modrijani, Neue Sloweniše kunst, Culture,” the well-known “strangers” wrote on the façade of the Nova24TV headquarters. Recently, we have witnessed similar charlatan actions happening throughout Slovenia, and all of them are aimed at rebelling against the government, as the loss of power is too big of a shock for the left-wing, and democracy is not part of their personal choice.

The leftists are not giving up. This time, they decided to ruin the façade of the Nova24TV building, not even trying to hide who they really are. Similar actions have recently been noted at the Ministry of Culture, where strangers first tarnished the façade with the inscription: “Culture is the guardian of the middle class,” which was later removed, but then the cultural workers once again expressed their anger in a very non-cultural way, as they graffitied the façade of the Ministry once again, this time, with similar inscriptions to those which appeared on the Nova24Tv building. But they are not worried about it; the main thing is that they are sending a message to the authorities, and the taxpayers will pay for the façade to be re-painted anyway.

Similar non-cultural acts have recently been happening in Celje as well. The head of the Oštirka restaurant, Miran Ojsteršek, had an unpleasant experience at the last Friday’s protests in Celje. The protesters were whistling, and disturbing the guests in front of his restaurant, so Ojsteršek took the whistle from one of the protesters, and the dissatisfied protesters then claimed that the whole thing was actually a physical attack, saying that Ojsteršek attacked a protester. They also left negative reviews of his restaurant Oštirka on social networks. In addition, they inscribed a hostile message on the pavement in front of the restaurant. “This was my only mistake, for which I want to sincerely and publicly apologize. I apologize to both the lady and the event organizers. But I cannot apologize for something I did not do. I did not hit anyone, I did not touch anyone; I did not physically confront anyone,” Ojsteršek said, a victim of the pogrom of the rude, radical left-wing protesters.

The owner of the tourist farm Na Škaluc, Peter Hrastelj, recently experienced very similar online lynching. The left-wing provocateurs even went as far as to obscenely threaten his wife in the middle of the night. Before the political cycling rally, Hrastelj playfully called for people to scatter drawing pins in front of the parliament in Ljubljana – joking, of course, but the “anti-fascists” reacted extremely seriously.

Thus, the protesters in Celje have made it very clear that no one will stop them in their uncultured actions. Over dead bodies to the finish line, if needed! This already seems very similar to the riots in the USA, but luckily, it is not as bad here – yet. There is nothing that can stop the ultra-leftists when it comes to their right. We all probably still remember how the supporters of Ivan Gale painted a wall near Ruski car with graffiti in a very uncultured manner, to show their support for the quasi-whistleblower, who became famous because of the inquisitorial show Tarča. The wall was later painted over by the Ljubljana Green Dragons fans, but the supporters, with their ugly inscriptions in support of Gale, also desecrated the work of the fans.

The similarities between these events do not seem to be coincidental. The destruction of private and public property begins with graffiti, and we can only hope that it will not end with smashed shop windows and fights in the streets. In any case, their “performances” on the streets, when they roll on the floor and undress, which they can do because they are being funded by all of us, also say a lot about the personal culture of the cultural workers. Their depraved mentality has recently been explained by the renowned psychoanalyst Roman Vodeb: “Their moral judgment is completely distorted. They don’t follow the ‘rules of the game’ – in a fit of rage, they might also cheat and lie.”

Jani Kos