The search warrant for Počivalšek’s home, which was based on Knafelj and Gale’s fables, was signed by Minister Zalar’s former wife! As many as eleven different places are supposed to be investigated!

Rihard Knafelj in Ivan Gale

According to our information, the search warrant was signed by the investigative judge Mojca Kocjančič, Aleš Zalar’s ex-wife, at the suggestion of the National Bureau of Investigation (Nacionalni preiskovalni urad – hereinafter referred to as NPU). The general public knows Kocjančič from the pharmacist affair, in which she ordered that the phone-tapping evidence against Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Janković be thrown out. As we have learned, the order is very amateurish, as it is said to include no concrete evidence, and supposedly even refers to the show Tarča (target), Ivan Gale, and Rihard Knafelj.

Yesterday, in an exclusive report, we revealed that the NPU detectives were planning a house search at the home of Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Zdravko Počivalšek.  According to the latest information, he is suspected of misuse of public funds in the procurement of the respirators, and Andreja Potočnik, who participated in the project group for the procurement of protective medical equipment, is also a suspect. It is not yet known who else is a suspect in the case, but the investigation has several targets (locations or people), in total, eleven different locations are supposed to be searched.

Unofficial sources confirm that the deep state went “into action” as soon as the magazine Mladina (youth) published its own version of charges against Zdravko Počivalšek, which shows that this could have been a coordinated and organized NPU campaign, in conjunction with the mainstream media outlets.

On April 24th, 2020, Drago Kos, who is also part of the story, wrote an article for Mladina, titled Police officers, criminal investigators, and intelligence officers do not forget. Among other things, he wrote the following in the article: “The new authorities, in a hurry to deal with the individuals in the security intelligence sector who are not “theirs,” forgot about something very important: professionals are working in these structures, who really do not care who is in power, as long as the work of the authorities Is legal, professional, and for the good of the state. Any other conduct will be easily identified and noticed by these people, including for evidentiary purposes, for possible proceedings, when the time comes.” In short, Kos was already perversely scolding the government. Now the intentions of the deep state have clearly been realized.

Who could have signed an order like that?
At the suggestion of the NPU, the investigation orders were signed by the investigating judge Mojca Kocjančič, the former wife of the Minister of Justice from the failed LDS party, Aleš Zalar. The general public knows Kocjančič from the pharmacist affair, in which she ordered that the phone-tapping evidence against Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Janković be thrown out. Our source tells us that the order is very amateurish, as it is said not to include any concrete evidence, and it is said to even refer to the show Tarča, Ivan Gale, and Rihard Knafelj – in short, the people who had not said anything tangible or incriminating in all of the episodes of the show, which might have met the evidentiary standards of reasonable suspicion, necessary to warrant a house search.

The Prime Minister has already responded to the revelations
Prime Minister Janez Janša has already responded to the revelations regarding the abuse of the NPU for political purposes on Facebook, writing that if the allegations turn out to be true, this is a clear sign of the investigators’ double standard. With this, he also highlighted two cases of large-scale crime, which were never investigated, let alone given a judicial epilogue: the laundering of Iranian money in NLB, in the amount of almost one billion euros, and the affair surrounding the overpaid medical equipment. In both cases, there has been no reaction or house search in the 28 and 30 months that have passed since the findings of the parliamentary commission of inquiry, even though the deadlines are nearing, and any good and qualified investigative bodies, including the courts, should have closed such cases long ago. This would be the case in an orderly country, which Slovenia is not, unfortunately.

And the third case that Janša highlighted shows the police’s abnormal speed: when the extreme left-wing magazine Mladina charges a Minister, the investigation – you will not believe this – was ordered on the very same day!

The deep state wants the power back, by any means possible
Only three months after the democratic change of the government, the decision-makers from the background realized that the power could not be won back with legitimate and democratic means. The goal of the deep state is to break up the SMC party and bring the government into a crisis. The media attacks and Fridays’ “cycling” have clearly proved ineffective, with the people’s anger at the non-governmental organizations, the anarchist and the Antifa, who are rioting in Ljubljana, exponentially growing. Apparently, the deep state will do whatever it takes and use any available means, just to get back what they think naturally belongs to them – as an exclusive right – so prepare yourselves and expect more attacks, similar to this one, in the coming weeks and months.

Rok Krajnc