The SMC member of parliament, Marjan Dolinšek – former member of Udba, feels offended by the term fifth-columnist

Foto: STA

Two days ago, we witnessed an attack by the SMC members of parliament against Žan Mahnič, president of the Defence Committee. Above all, they found disturbing the statement that now that the fifth-columnist and those who were against independence are gone, they can continue normally with their work. The SMC members of parliament jumped to their feet and stated that the MP Mahnič’s statement was inappropriate and that he had gone too far. 

We have managed to acquire a photography of the microfilms of the Udba files, where Marjan Dolinšek, SMC, who was greatly offended by Mahnič’s statement, is stated under reference number 14,000. With the corresponding code list, where those listed between numbers 14,000 and 14,999 are considered permanent sources regarding employees, members of the reserves or registered SDV collaborators, many things become much clearer. Marjan Dolinšek can therefore hardly complain about the statement on fifth-columnists and the opponents of independence.

It should also be noted that Dolinšek has repeatedly voted against the legislation that would jeopardize him as a MP. When the SDS proposed a decision at the plenary session of the National Assembly that those, who used to work for secret services, could not be candidates in elections, he voted against it. His sense for Slovenian independence was also shown when the Defence Committee dealt with the denigration of Brigadier General Anton Krkovič. At this session, the SDS proposed a decision that the Defence Committee condemns the attempts to criminalize individual emancipators. Again, Dolinšek voted against, although he himself is a veteran in the war for Slovenia. In different circles, though, a belief is present that Dolinšek is the right-hand man to general Ladislav Lipič, who has repeatedly openly criticized emancipators.

Aleksander Rant