The Social Democrats Wish You a Happy New Year with a Red Star on the Christmas Tree

Foto: Twitter.

On Saturday morning, the Social Democrats (SD) published a greeting card for all their supporters on their official Twitter account and website, directly revealing the background of the political ideology of the governing party. The greeting card fails to mention Christmas at all SD only wish you a Happy New Year but the picture is the most controversial part since there is a red five-pointed star on the central New Year tree.

Interestingly, this year the Social Democrats have celebrated 120 years of their existence since they are, according to their own interpretation, the successors of the social democrats from 1896, even though Communists in Yugoslavia had banned this party, and there are many prominent politicians from the former one-party system at the top of SD today.

The star is a totalitarian symbol of the former criminal regime and has nothing to do with the Christian holiday that was celebrated by Christians all over the world on Christmas Eve and on Sunday.

Moreover, in the 1920s, after seizing power, the Communists in Russia replaced the Christmas star on top of the Christmas tree with a red star and turned the Christmas holidays into New Year holidays. The repression was also felt in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia since Christmas as a national holiday was abolished in 1953 and only reintroduced in 1991 when Slovenia became independent. Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus had to take their leave as well, and they were replaced with the socialist Grandfather Frost, who brought presents on New Year’s Day.

Christmas is already a holiday for those who recognise it as a holiday due to its cultural and other content. I do not think there is any reason for it to be an official holiday,the last head of the Communist Party, Milan Kučan, said for Delo in 1987.

L. S.