The ultimate insult: A Serbian flag and a grammatical error on a wreath dedicated to those fallen in the war for Slovenia

(Foto: Facebook/@Tomaž Štih)

A wreath that was placed next to the memorial of people who had fallen in the war for Slovenia in the name of the Ministry of the Interior and the police contained a spelling mistake, and its ribbon displayed the colours of the Serbian flag. Almost immediately a heated debate sprang up on social media sites, and more and more users are convinced that the act was an intentional provocation.

The Ministry of Interior and the police, which are led by minister Vesna Györkös Žnidar, have committed a grievous error. In honour of soldiers fallen in the Slovenian Independence War, they placed a wreath with a ribbon displaying the colours of the Serbian flag along with a spelling mistake that the Ministry should never have allowed to happen. “Ministrstvo” (Ministry) was written with an E, so that they ended up with a bungling ministErstvo. It is obvious that the minister, who has not appeared in public for quite a while now, does not even know where she works.

M. S.