This is the Antifa member who is accusing the soldier of mistaking him for a migrant!

Daniel Malalan. (Foto: Fb)

According to our information, Daniel Bokja Malalan is the man who accused one of the two soldiers of pointing an automatic rifle at him, because they allegedly mistook him for an illegal migrant. His Facebook profile reveals that he is a radical Titoist and an advocate of the Antifa, which is why the possibility of a planned provocation of the Slovenian Army, and thus, the government by staging the incident, cannot be ruled out. The military is on the border in order to carry out surveillance.

When it finally seemed that the incident on the Slovenian-Italian border would have been ruled out, as it was established that the soldiers were not on duty in this area on the day of the alleged conflict (May 8th), the man involved suddenly changed his story.

On May 7th, Daniel Bokja Malalan was allegedly wandering near the border, when two members of the Slovenian Army stopped him and pointed a weapon at him, as they allegedly mistook him for an illegal migrant. And a scary story ensued – because a soldier found a person he suspected of crossing the state border illegally, and the person also looked like an illegal migrant at first glance.

But that is just one side of the story. The media which are exaggerating the story of the alleged abuse of power of the Slovenian Army – which is not their intimate option, as they favor partisanship and the National Liberation Movement – do not know that the man from Trieste who was involved in the incident, is an extreme leftist and an advocate of the extreme Antifa, as his Facebook profile reveals. A quick look at just a few of his recent posts reveals the horrifying background of the political views of the Slovenian living in Italy – as he is an extremist with totalitarian tendencies.

He considers Tito to be a deity
Even though in democratic societies, any kind of worshiping of totalitarian regimes and dictators is considered to be a corrupt act, this is not the case for Malalan. Namely, he does not hide his affection for the Yugoslav dictator Josip Broz Tito, and even calls him a deity. He also compared the Prime Minister of Slovenia, Janez Janša, with the COVID-19 virus, and called Bishop Gregorij Rožman a home guard who swore allegiance to Hitler.

In a press statement, the Chief of the General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces, Robert Glavaš, explained that it is in the interest of everyone and especially the Slovenian Army to investigate the event, as they do not allow any abuse of power. Professionalism and legality are two of the main values ​​and foundations of their work. He also explained that they approached the process of finding out facts with all seriousness. “Not because we should do it. But in order to find out what the actual situation was like and what actually happened,” the Chief said.

There has been no abuse of power detected in the Slovenian Army since 2015
But the media, while investigating the story, did not find the person who reported the incident, nor do they know the motives that could have been key to the incident. Daniel Bokja Malalan does not try to hide his support for the far-left group Antifa, which is ravaging cities in the United States and Europe these days, under the guise of the anti-racial protests. They are already using the practically terrorist methods, such as robbing shops, burning cars, destroying centuries-old cultural heritage, and attacking police officers. In the United States, the situation in certain cities was so severe that the rioters occupied certain parts of the city and took power, and elsewhere, the military had to intervene. And the Army is the main obstacle of left-wing extremists’ violent takeover.

The information that the Chief of the General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces, Robert Glavaš revealed, stating that the Slovenian Army has performed more than 110 thousand various tasks supporting the police in the wider protection of the state border and has been active abroad for decades, and yet, no major abuse of power had been detected since 2015, proves that the “incident” on the Slovenian-Italian border is a story with a suspicious background. It is the first time something like this happened, and it will be discussed further after the investigation is complete.

Hana Murn