[Video] EXCLUSIVELY FROM THE COURTROOM: The recorded speech of judge Radonjić, wherein he demasks the pressures exerted upon him by the deep state-in because of which the court menaces us to remove it from our webpage!

Zvjezdan Radonjić (Foto: Demokracija)

Before giving his reasons for the judgement reached in the case of Milko Novič, Zvezdan Radonjić has spoken out about the inadmissible pressure exerted on him to condemn dr. Novič. We disclose the transcript of his speech and the audio recording as well at the end of the article. Its publication lies in the interest of the public, as Radonjić disclosed the insistency of the deep state actors. The Slovenian public has the right to know what goes on behind the four walls of the courtrooms, as it is evident that it’s the ordinary Slovenian that gets hurt at the end of the staged trials. The independent judiciary should be the undisputed foundation of the rule of law, but now judge Radonjić has proven that this is not the case in Slovenia. How many other judges have succumbed to these pressures and passed judgements according to the instructions of the deep state?

“Therefore, it is not customary for an explanation of the judgement to begin with the circumstances that have accompanied the trial, but are in this case necessary. This is the first time I am doing this. When the case was assigned to me, five or six judges have told me that it was good as I was the only one that could lead the case to its conclusion. They did not refer to my expertise, but to my unconventionality. So I have immersed myself into it. Before the trial began, I went to a top class legal expert and told him verbatim what would happen at the trial. And it did so happen as I have predicted.

Soon after the proceedings began, Marjan Pogačnik, the president of the District court in Ljubljana, started visiting me and also people started calling and demanding I were disciplined. That I should lead the trial properly, as a judge should. On 14th of January 2019, written statements, demanding my exclusion from the trial, have started to appear; two days later the head of a group of public prosecutors Furlan advised Pogačnik I were to be penalised, disciplined. And just a day later, people demanded my discharge. And the day after that. rumours started to circulate about me using the information  not included in the court file. But all those information are within the case-file of Milko Novič, as well as in the case-file Michel Stephan. The exclusion of Štular is wanted by the representative, and afterwards by Specialised State Prosecutor’s Office. At the end of the March, on the 28th, I am supposed to be the object of a criminal procedure, as well as the disciplinary proceedings, and the same goes for Štular.

On 9th of March 2019, a Supreme Court judge, and also disciplinary prosecutor, are filing a motion to initiate the disciplinary proceedings against me. After a month, on the 2nd of April, I am being given the documents, along with the old ones, in order to mislead me as much as possible, of the disciplinary proceedings, for the last time. On the 16th of April, there is a  notice in the newspaper, plus the statement of the Supreme Court president, that the beginnig of a disciplinary proceedings is a prerequisite to get rid of me, to remove me from the case, to suspend me.

The President of the District court Marjan Pogačnik, also stated that he has no knowledge about it. To this day, more than 105 articles were written about the trial, yet not one of the authors mentioned that the trial against Milko Novič was conducted in a fair manner. Mladina and Dnevnik are constantly attacking me. They made public the information regarding my private life, my medical record. I have talked to a historian who studied the proceeding from the Stalinist era. And nothing similar ever happened, even in the Soviet Union, what I have been experiencing in the last four months. Who’s behind all this, I know not? Milko Novič is not that important and I am not that important to be approached on that account. The message is clear, the judge is not supposed to be fair, the trial is not supposed to be fair. I have done my work in a fair manner and put my career on the stake. I will never be promoted.

In about a month time,I will be suspended. That Novič had a fair judicial proceedings, was contingent with my decision to ruin my career. Those of you who will in the future demand of the judges to have fair and just trials, think well, before the judges… so far, I have been the only one to have survived this Calvary, and I have presided the trial against the father-in-law of American president, I have handled the most sensitive political affairs, I have seen all the politicians appear before me, but have never experienced such brutal, ferocious smear campaign that had accompanied this trial all along. It must already have been decided, during the first trial, that Novič must be convicted, that something at the Chemical Instute should not have been investigated into. I do not want to speculate who is behid all this, but it seems to me that these are the decisions that reach to the highest echelons of the Slovenian judiciary, of the public prosecutor’s office, of the National Council fort the Judiciary and of the Supreme Court. Even I do not know who’s behind the doings of Miha Kunič, but certainly not Jamnik’s widow. This is why I have to observe that the backgorund of this trial was guided. For weeks now, I was visited by a certain female colleague, a judge too, who is always in contact with a group of public prosecutors. Each time she made allusions to me not to acquit Novič, not to acquit Novič. (…) At the previous trial (…) Milko Novič was not treated fairly. And yet none of the four judges faces the criminal or disciplinary procedure.

The Prosecutor’s Office (…), the proceedings were unfair. Criminal procedure was not initiated against any one of them, only against me. It has been said that the starting point of measurement is not known. She was standing at the starting point (…) The trial (…) is being undermined. Yet not a single media makes a mention about the fact. So much about the media coverage of the proceedings (…)  In order to suspend me, one has to press charges first. What signifies the fact that the Public Prosecutor’s office is willing to do so immediately in order to get me suspended and disable me to write the judgement. And now, about the deed itself. Before this court comes to the proving procedure, it still needs to make material testing of allegations …”

J. H.