[VIDEO] Lies from Slovenian mainstream media: ‘Merkel offered to help solve the issue of the border with Croatia.’ But the truth is …

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Reports in the Slovenian press have described the meeting of the Slovenian prime minister, Marjan Šarec, and the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, as a great breakthrough of Slovenian diplomacy since the German chancellor supposedly offered to help solve the issue of the border between Slovenia and Croatia, which was freely interpreted as Merkel taking Slovenia’s side. In truth, she considers the Brexit issue to be more important.

“Merkel offered to help solve the issue of the border between Slovenia and Croatia,” says the title of the article on the website of the national broadcaster, which shows that they do not care about accurate reporting but only about fake news.

In the press release on her meeting with the Slovenian prime minister, Marjan Šarec, the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, said that Slovenia was a part of the western Balkans which troubles Germany. “Germany will also support all efforts to settle the dispute over the border between Slovenia and Croatia.”

 Merkel was clear about the discussion with Šarec regarding the Slovenian-Croatian border. “We want to be constructive about this matter in the future, as we’ve been in the past, but of course we will defend our position.” With other words, Germany, as has been the case up to now, does not intend to interfere in the dispute between Slovenia and Croatia, but it wants the two countries to find a solution.

She added that it should be discussed how to implement the arbitral judgement, but in the context of the EU, the border dispute between Slovenia and Croatia is not the biggest problem in her opinion. More attention, she said, should be devoted to debates about Brexit.

When asked by a journalist whether Croatia violated European law, the German chancellor answered that she does not want to give assessments in front of journalists, but if they accepted her personal opinion, it was necessary for the two countries to sit down and come to a sensible agreement. In the end, the “offer to help”, as they called it at RTV, turned out to be a simple piece of advice.

The fact that during a meeting with the Slovenian prime minister the German chancellor is able to effortlessly assess that the dispute which is supposedly a key issue for Slovenian foreign policy is actually trivial is a major blow for Slovenian diplomacy. It shows how Slovenia is perceived abroad due to the failed attempts of the former minister of foreign affairs, Karl Erjavec. And the fact that Slovenian media are prepared to distort their reports shows that they prefer to spread lies rather than truth, provoking a conflict which ends up harming only Slovenia since only the Slovenian public is deceived.

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  • Dragan Krstič

    Torej, Merklova ponavlja isto kot Juncker, državi naj se sami zmenita glede meje in da slovenski novinarji in politiki lažno interpretirajo njeno naklonjenost Sloveniji.Lažnive izjave samo škodijo Sloveniji v EU. Jasno je da so bili stroški za arbitražo vrženi v peč, če pa bomo še vztrajali pa se nam bo smejala vsa EU.

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