[Video] Political analyst Iršič on leeches that signed the petition against Janša’s forming cabinet, and Črnčec that is desperately trying to save his skin!

Damir Črnčec (Foto: STA)

In the last couple of days, the developments in the political space have been very diverse, there is talk of possible misuse of Intelligence and Security services, while the media tries to stop the formation of a new coalition, led by Janez Janša. This was also a topic of discussion on the Who is lying to you (Kdo vam laže) show, with Mitja Iršič as a guest. He initially commented on Marjan Šarec’s resignation: “Political analysts have already told him in the fall of 2018, that this is not a way to govern, and in fact, he lasted longer than predicted, mainly thanks to the wave of conjuncture. But to not be able to govern with a ten billion, record budget – you can’t govern if you don’t have a majority, and he knew that before, he knew that the only way to form a coalition was to include the neo-Marxist Levica, and that same Levica is the one that caused him to go under with the propositions that it imposed, about the abolition of the supplementary health insurance. And let me remind you why Marjan Šarec resigned in the first place: because his own party’s expert council turned on him, so his party collapsed from the inside.”

The fact that Marjan Šarec wants the elections at all costs, even though the people clearly stated what they want in 2018 and even though there is a party in the parliament that has twice as many seats as his own, was also commented on by Mitja Iršič in the Who is lying to you (Kdo vam laže) show on Nova24TV with Boris Tomašič: “Šarec clearly did not take all circumstances into account, he probably thought that he could wipe out the rest of the centre-left liberalist cadre and become the sole successor of the true LDS, but clearly he is still very politically naive and unaware of the fact that people won’t just fall for it and will realise his way of operating in the coalition. A person who seeks a dominant position in the centre-left, I don’t even know what he is thinking. It seems like he thought that SMC would simply play his game and take his offer, which is completely unrealistic. This really shows how new Marjan Šarec is to this whole political sphere and all the political encounters.” Among all this, Šarec argues that all the parties he was counting on, were in 2018, clearly stating that they would never want to form a coalition with Janez Janša. Iršič thinks that the situation has changed now, mostly because of Šarec: “He is the one who was nagging and ruining all these parties, and the media helped him immensely. I think the only party that got out of his »coalition of death« without a scratch is Levica, which was not even an actual part of the coalition; and SD, which happens to be the eternal communist party successor, that will probably retain its position in Slovenia for the next 100 years. But he is the one who destroyed the self-proclaimed liberal threesome, and now he has to suffer the consequences. The main difference is that these people have now figured out that he is impossible to work with.« Another question to ask is also, in case of elections, who would actually want to form another coalition with Šarec? Dejan Židan has already stated that he suspects that somebody is spying on him, and we heard the same from SAB. Iršič is, therefore, wondering: »Who will even want to form a coalition with such an unreliable partner?!”

Šarec is a basic incompetent politician who does not understand the meaning of state forming
Among all of the commotion, Šarec is surprised by the negative reactions of his coalition partners, as – in his own words – he gave something to everyone, instead of trying to work in a state-forming way, which Iršič is appalled by: “It is harrowing! This is a sign of a basic, incompetent politician, that does not even understand the meaning of the words state-forming, some state-forming politics – to him, politics is an exchange of favours, I will give you this, and will give him that, and while that is happening, I will govern. This is a display of the reasons that brought this country into the chaos in which it currently is! Despite a record budget! We have a person governing for the sole purpose of governing. It seems as if in two years, he got so addicted to power, that now he will do anything to stay in the position of power. And now we might actually see him move to the extreme left. He does not even want to collaborate with the right-wing or centre-right parties anymore. His first condition for any liberal partner that may want to form a coalition with him, is that they are not collaborating with the right-wing. It is more acceptable for him to associate with a party that has officially included progressive nationalization into its programme, than with a party that is a prominent member of the European People’s Party. And thus, Marjan Šarec has finally shown what kind of a person and what kind of a politician he really is!”

Kdo vam laže (Foto: posnetek zaslona)

The 75 pseudo-intellectuals are actually leeches, latched on to public funds
Iršič also commented on the petition of the 75 mostly retired professors with no international references, most of whom are also failed left-wing politicians from parties, such as LDS, SD and Levica, and former associates of UDBA: “This letter from the academics points to desperation of the deep state. We all know how it goes, these people appear out of nowhere, a lot of them also went on a pilgrimage to the City Hall when they went to ask Zoran Janković to run for office. I understand what their problem is. They wrote down seven points, and it’s the second one that’s the problem. Like they said, uncontrolled privatization, or something like that. And I completely understand them, as socialist collectivists that grew up in a totalitarian system, where many of them also played an important part in the apparatus of the totalitarianism and were associates od the SDV, etc. And these are the people that are warning us against a right-wing government, in which two of the parties would actually be left-wing, and one a self-proclaimed centrist party. In a country where most of the media is left-wing. And they are calling this a right-wing, authoritative government. They are bothered by the privatisation, as it affects their communal cup from which they are all drinking.” It is probably also true that many of those who signed the letter and are latched to state funds are worried, that they would actually have to start working: “They are leeches, and I understand that they want the funds to remain public because they have a lot to gain from it. But if this was written by Slavoj Žižek, one argument for the socialist collectivism, then that would be okay, because he can write it well. But the rest of the points read as if they were written by two fifteen-year-old members of the American Antifa. I don’t understand why old academics, such as Bavcon or Rizman can suddenly turn into fifteen-year-olds, just to defend some incompetent politician. This is such an absurd situation, these people are faceless, and the things they mentioned from points one to seven, these are copied manifestos of the Antifa. Racism, homophobia, authoritarianism. Just like the Antifa chants, »Fuck Trump,« they chant »Fuck Janša.« But in a very shallow, infantile, teenage way!”

Mitja Iršič (Foto: posnetek zaslona)

For the average Slovenian, the difference between his gross and net pay is much more important than the alleged climate crisis
The regime media are already preparing the grounds for a possible new face, which could be Jure Leben, and the pseudo-intellectuals are already calling for a new government, whose priority would be saving the climate. Here is what Iršič thinks of that: “In 1970 we heard that the world would end, the same happened in 1985, in 1997 and so on. We do not deny climate change, but whether or not this is a climate crisis is a matter of interpretation. But, to claim that this is the most important thing to an average Slovenian… Ecologically speaking, Slovenia is quite a clean country, so no, this is not the most important thing, except maybe when it comes to the state-regulated waste. For an average Slovenian, the difference between his gross and net income is much more important; for a retiree, his pension is much more important, for a businessman it is much more important to know how he will be taxed and how many bureaucratic obstacles he will have to overcome to be able to build a production hall. And this young professor is a typical example of a liberal that is caught in some sort of an echo-chamber, on his own planet, and I understand him, I understand why he reads the CNN, the liberal American media, and if he believes them, he will really believe that the world will end in 10 years, but he is probably not an environmental scientist, to know that for sure. But if he carefully read what the scientists are saying, he would know that the cataclysmic changes won’t happen for the next 100, probably even 500 years. It is true that the temperatures will change, that environmental changes will happen, and they will influence the demographics of the planet. We will have to tackle that, also using the help of advanced technology. But for that to be the top priority of our country, that in itself is denying the reality that we live in.«

Boris Tomašič (Foto: posnetek zaslona)

Črnčec is not behaving the way innocent people would behave
The alleged following and pressuring of the MPs, and the obstruction of KNOVS supervision, was also commented on by Iršič: “At first, I did not want to believe all this, I thought these are just standard political games, as Židan was the first who mentioned that he is being followed. I thought that he was just mad that Šarec ended his mandate. But this confirms it. There are too many indications. In my opinion, by obstructing KNOVS’s supervision, Bobnar only deepened the suspicion that something is going on in the background. And Damir Črnčec did the same by giving a statement through his lawyer as if he is some Pablo Escobar … I think he could have just gone on to a talk show, but we don’t have such talk shows, where the person standing opposite of him is his actual opponent. He could even come forward on his own and explain his side of the story. But not over Facebook with his lawyer’s statement. He was not threatening anyone with a lawsuit, but he still made a statement through his lawyer’s firm. This is not how innocent people behave. There are so many indications; this is just terrible. As we have recently found out, supposedly, Alenka Bratušek‘s son was also threatened or investigated. Marjan Šarec’s former coalition partners are all claiming that something is going on. This is not a political affair that was made up by the SDS. SDS and other MPs are employing KNOVS to carry out completely legal surveillance, and I don’t understand what gives Bobnar the authority to obstruct this research.”

Rok Krajnc