We are revealing that the expert associate, working with the Constitutional Judge, was also among the radical supporters of the protests!

Amila Adrović (left) next to a supporter of the Kombinat choir and the radical supporter of the left, Brane Pranzik.

Amila Adrović, the expert associate, working with Katja Šugman Stubbs, was spotted at Friday’s protests of the radical leftists in Ljubljana. She was photographed standing next to a supporter of the Partisan women’s choir Kombinat, and a prominent member of the ZZB NOB (The Union of the Associations for the Values of the National Liberation Movement of Slovenia), Brane Praznik. The photograph is a new piece of evidence of the “mixed-in” staff in the judiciary, who are trying to tear down a legitimate Government and are not fond of democracy. The whole thing also casts the shadow of a doubt on the (non-)bias of the Constitutional Court.

In the photo that was shot at the protests, we noticed the expert associate who works with the Constitutional Judge Katja Šugman Stubbs, Amila Adrović. She is the lady with the nicely done hairstyle in the photo posted at the beginning of the article, so the one on the left, who also had a manicure before she went cycling, and dressed in a red T-shirt for the social event. She even added a detail to her bourgeois look – a scarf, in the style of Isadora Duncan, as portrayed by Vanessa Redgrave on the big screen.

The following shows that this is a lady who likes to wander around the building of the National Assembly and perform on the National Television, as evidenced by the video below, which was recorded in 2014, when Adrović was still a kindergarten teacher. Nowadays, in addition to her work at the Constitutional Court, Andrović is also the procurator in the company Ena plus, which deals with maintenance services, Ajpes reveals.

Andrej Žitnik