Why is Ivo Godnič no longer a jester?

Foto: osebni arhiv

Ivo Godnič has assumed the role of a mass murderer with perfection. In 2011, during a morning show on Slovenian national television, he said he would fill the Barbara Pit with the 8% of people who disliked him.

This statement drew approving laughter from the host of the show, but even the king and his court probably realised that the childhad gone his own way. His imitating had stopped being something pleasantly stupid. The childhad escaped and identified with the role of the murderer too much. The Slovenian right demanded an apology, there was talk of criminal charges, but no sanctions were ever applied. According to the ombudsman of the Slovenian national television, a function that is little more than an object of mockery, Godnič should have added that it was just sarcasm, but otherwise there was no problem.

Because there were no sanctions, because the ancient homosexual is apparently sinking into oblivion and the court no longer needs him, he has tried one last time. On his Facebook page he posted: Its great that theyre emptying the cave of these Ustaše cadavers. That way there will be room for the new Ustaše vermin.’ Godnič has made it clear: We have murdered and we will keep murdering.

This time he has earned new criminal charges. Maybe this time they will be treated with greater care and seriousness given the repeated offence. Mocking the victims of one of the worst brutalities after the Second World War, characterising them as Ustaše, which implies that their slaughter was justified, is the same as being involved in the execution of thousands of people of different ages, from babies to old people, men, girls, invalids … And threatening a new slaughter is something that we probably do not want in the Slovenia of the 21st century.

Lucija Šikovec Ušaj