Will the Supreme State Prosecutor Jenull prosecute his own son, who is calling for a rebellion that could have violent consequences?

Jaša Jenull (Foto: posnetek zaslona)

From the very beginning, theater director Jaša Jenull has been actively inciting violence against the legitimate authorities. On his Facebook profile, he first called for the lighting of candles in front of the National Assembly, then he called for people to come play golf, and finally, he called for people to join the protest by cycling. Right before the new Government took over power, Jenull also published an add on his Facebook profile, for paid participation in “art events,” which casts a shadow of doubt on the spontaneity and sincerity of many of the cyclist who will apparently cycle in front of the Parliament building once again on Friday, May 8th. The calling for protests is unlawful, as public gatherings are still banned because of the epidemic of the novel coronavirus, and people are therefore wondering how come Jenull is feeling so brave. He is supposedly the son of the Supreme State Prosecutor Hinko Jenull, who began his career during communism. As a regime judge, his actions included illegally seizing the newspaper Mladina, which was critical of then-authorities, and after Slovenia gained its independence, he found himself in the informal group for settling the score with SDS. Many other Slovenian prosecutors are still being influenced by him.

In normal democracies, the left and right-wing options alternate in the positions of power, only in Slovenia, do the leftists believe that they will rule continuously. Thus, it was expected that certain far-left activists would not easily come to terms with the fact that after Marjan Šarec “jumped into an empty pool,” the leading of the Government was taken over by Janez Janša, whose Slovenian Democratic Party (Slovenska demokratska stranka – SDS) convincingly won the last National Assembly elections. So in the first week of Janez Janša’s Government, the trade unionist Tea Jarc already started calling to the streets at a show on RTV Slovenija, although the epidemic was only beginning. From the very beginning, Slovenian theatre director Jaša Jenull has also been actively inciting violence against the legitimate authorities.

From the very beginning, Jenull has been calling for protests against the new Government
Jenull is a prominent activist who has been opposing the Government’s work in his posts on Facebook since the first day of the new Government’s term. As early as March 21st, he called for people to go light candles in front of the building of the Parliament. At the time, the healthcare professionals were advising everyone to avoid any unnecessary departure from home.

Among other things, he also began spreading lies about the Government raising its salaries by placing the Ministers, State Secretaries and their closest teams into the highest possible wage brackets. But when the Government lowered the wages of all of its officials by 30 percent, he kept quiet. He was also one of the more prominent provocateurs who played golf in front of the building of the Parliament, targeting the pictures of the prominent Government officials with their golf balls. As expected, after the first broadcast of the show Tarča (Target), where the journalists were misleading the public about the procurement of protective equipment, he felt downright fantastic and started calling for people to go cycling in front of the building of the Parliament, as a sign of protest. Jenull is a prominent supporter of the anti-governmental protests, and he has already announced a new protest for Friday, May 8th.

Are the protesters being paid for their participation?
But this whole thing might be more than just a spontaneous gathering of protestors, as the mainstream media led by the RTV, are trying to make us believe. Before the new Government started its term, on March 10th, Jenull posted an advertisement on his Facebook page, for paid participation in art projects: “Is anyone interested in the (not very well paid) organization and coordination of crazy art events and a new festival? Share & send me a private message! Thanks!” Given the current situation, the so-called artistic events could very well actually be the anti-government protests.

Will Jenull’s illegal actions be prosecuted by prosecutor Hinko Jenull?
Because of the epidemic, all public gatherings are strictly prohibited, and so is calling the people to gather. These are just some of the offences that Jenull should be investigated for by the competent authorities since the protesters’ ultimate goal is to bring down the Government with the “power of the streets.” Violence against senior officials of the country, violence against representatives of foreign countries or international organizations, armed resistance, diversion, and sabotage are all considered to be criminal offences.

And we should not forget how the all-Slovenian uprisings began in 2012 and ended in 2013. Remember the hanging of puppets, threats to the members of Maribor’s city council, the occupation of the Maribor town hall, throwing granite rocks at the police officers, and the building of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, and more.

According to our information, Jaša Jenull is the son of a Supreme State Prosecutor Hinko Jenull, who has been a part of the system since communism. As we have previously reported on Nova24TV, Jenull was even a member of the informal group, dedicated to dealing with the Slovenian Democratic Party. Given his privileged position and influential father, Jenull’s courage is not surprising. In all likelihood, he can expect a favorable treatment by the prosecutors.

By the way, the prosecutors are among the officials who decided not to follow the Government’s example of cutting their pay by 30 percent during the crisis. It might be smart for Jenull to start his protesting at home, instead of spreading lies about the Government on social media!

Jenull began his career during communism; many prosecutors are still under his absolute influence
We must also remind you of the Trenta case, in which the prosecution prosecuted Janša to the point of exhaustion. Darko Majhenič played an important role in this matter, as the acting director of the National Bureau of Investigation (Nacionalni preiskovalni urad – NPU), who promptly wrote a criminal complaint against Janša and immediately earned the position of director of the Bureau. The State Attorney’s Office gave the case to prosecutor Boštjan Valenčič without hesitation, who, according to the experts, is under the absolute influence of the outspoken State Prosecutor Hinko Jenull. In the old regime, as a judge, Jenull even illegally confiscated the newspaper Mladina, which was critical of the Government!

Nova24TV will continue to report on the links between certain activists and protesters with the representatives of the repressive and judicial bodies, which have been in position since the communist era.

Rok Krajnc