Yet another diplomatic scandal for Slovenia thanks to Vidovič

Foto: sta

Never in the history of our young nation have Slovenian relations with the US been as cold as they are now, thanks to the scandal with the arbitration agreement. Not only is our Government flirting with Russia, but it proposed Stanislav Vidovič, who the media like to report on in connection with the State Security Administration, as the new Slovenian Ambassador in the US. If there is an idea against which Americans are fighting, then it is the idea of communism. Therefore, such a decision of our Government is absolutely outrageous.

The Slovenian Government is too flirtatious with Russia, including inviting both Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev to the Russian Chapel in Slovenia. The scandal related to the arbitration agreement was quickly made public. It is evident that where the eavesdropping matter is concerned, which was said to be intiated by none other than the US, the States backed the Croatian side, clearly warning us to relationship with Russia.

Interestingly enough, we are sending to Washington to serve as our Ambassador Stanislav Vidovič, born in the Croatian city of Osijek and married to a fellow Croatian diplomat. And since it is known that blood is thicker than water, this decision could prove an unwise step by the Slovenian Government if we want to preserve our access to the open sea. “We all know that America will have the most important and final word in solving the disputes between Slovenia and Croatia, with the one concerning our borders being the most significant, appointing a Croatian as Slovenian Ambassador in the US in these extremely delicate times represents an act of national high treason. For example, the people at the Ministry are familiar with the fact that Vidovič was head of the department for security policy (from 2006 to 2010), when he took an extremely pro-Croatian position,” said a reliable source from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Marjanca Scheicher