Esteemed academics? No! Lackeys of the transitional left, most of them with failed political ambitions!

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The regime’s media have been forcing the public letter from left-wing elitists down our throats for the last two days, trying to prevent Janez Janša’s third mandate as prime minister. The letter in itself is not credible at all, because of the array of the far-left leaning people, who all depend on the taxpayer’s money; and besides that, many of them are also former prominent politicians – many of whom were found to have been active politically.

At Nova24TV, we have already reported on the public letter from the left-wing elitists, titled »Let’s protect the delicate Slovenian democracy from authoritarian rule!« Among others, the letter was also published on all of the media outlets, owned by the transitional left and controversial foreign funds. The letter was signed by 75 people, who are well-known privileged academics, described as »esteemed names« by the editorial offices. They all depend on taxpayer’s money, and many of them are, in fact, former far-left politicians, rather than any kind of intellectuals. You can find all of them in the alphabetical list below.

Bebler tried to get to the public office functions with different parties
Anton Bebler is a long-standing professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences, who has also been politically active continuously. In 2002 he was a candidate at the presidential elections with the DeSUS party, in 2014 he was a candidate at the European Parliament elections, this time with the Social Democrats (SD) party, which is the legal successor of the Communist Union of Slovenia (Zveza Komunistov Slovenije). His wife Darja Lavtižar Bebler was also an active politician, among other things, she was an MP in the National Assembly, first on the Liberal Democracy of Slovenia’s list (LDS), but in 2007 she switched to SD. Before entering politics, she worked as a regime journalist. Anton Bebler is the son of a Partisan Aleš Bebler, who, after the revolution in which the communists brutally murdered more than 100 thousand innocent victims on Slovenian soil alone, continuously held senior positions.

Anton Bebler (foto: STA)

Bohinc has been a part of politics since the times of the totalitarian SFRJ, and currently works with the radical Brglez
Rado Bohinc became involved in politics during the times of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and in the year of 1988 he became Minister of the Economy of the SFRJ. He opposed the independence of Slovenia. He founded the Social-democratic union and joined the  United List of Social Democrats, was elected to the National Assembly in 1992 and became Minister of Science and Technology in 1993. Although  he was not elected as a Member of Parliament in neither 1996 nor 2000, he became Minister of the Interior that year, and was later mentioned several times as a possible Constitutional Court judge. Bohinc is also a lecturer at the regime FDV, and at the end of 2018 he co-founded the Academy of Social Responsibility, whose president became the notorious radicalist Milan Brglez.

Rado Bohinc (Foto: STA)

Čok is the co-founder of Forum 21 and former Minister of Education
Lucija Čok is the co-founder of Milan Kučan’s Forum 21 and former Minister of Education and Sports in dr. Janez Drnovšek’s government.

Lucija Čok (Foto: STA)

Debnjak held a senior position in the ZKS
Božidar Debenjak was also active in politics, as he was a member of ZKS ever since he was young and  was also president of the university conference and (since 1986) a member of the Governing body of the ZKS University Committee in Ljubljana, and at the same time a member of the Governing body of the ZKS City Committee and the CK ZKS Ideas Committee; at the by-elections in the eighties, he was also elected to become a member of the ZSK Central committee.

Božidar Debenjak in Slavoj Žižek (Foto: STA)

Glavič was an avid socialist and opponent of privatisation
After gaining independence, Peter Glavič became a politician, namely an active MP of the Liberal Democracy of Slovenia (LDS) in the National Assembly, and he was also a member of the National Council. He is an avid socialist; in his own words, a good businessman does not sell, but rather buys. Unfortunately, things did not go as he planned. Quite a few large companies have gone bankrupt, or were sold to foreign investors.

Peter Glavič (Foto: STA)

Grief was an MI associate and the associate professional of the extreme Levica
Long-time LGBT activist and associate of the Peace Institute, Tatjana Greif, is not a politician, but her political references are crystal clear nonetheless; in 2018 we have reported that she became the associate professional of the extreme Levica. Before that, she was a candidate for the European Parliament on Jelko Kacin’s Konkretno list.

Tatjana Greif (Foto: STA)

Hribar was installed in Demos by Kučan, so she could tear it down from the inside
Spomenka Hribar’s political path is interesting: on the first democratic elections, she was elected to the National Assembly as a member of the list of the Slovenian Democratic Union (SDZ) and was even the president of its MPs club. In truth, she was an agent for the last ZKS boss Milan Kučan, entrusted with the task of helping tear down Demos from the inside. In 1992, she was recalled and has since ceased to actively pursue politics, bur privately remains a good friend of Kučan’s.

Foto: STA

Keber was the leader of the Solidarity’s (Solidarnost) list of candidates for the European Parliament
Dušan Keber was another active politician, who was also the Minister of Health in the sixth instalment of the National Assembly, lead by dr. Janez Drnovšek.Later, he became even more radical, in 2014 he was the leader of the Solidarity’s list of candidates for the European Parliament.

Dušan Keber (Foto: STA)

As Kocka does not have a PhD, he contributed his wife’s signature to the public letter
Among those who signed the letter, is also a doctor, specialist in internal medicine and endocrinologist Andreja Kocijančič, wife of a former politician and official Janez Kocijančič, which explains everything. Kocijančič was, among other things, the president of CK Association of Youth of Slovenia (CK Zveza mladine Slovenije), a minister in Stane Kavčič’s cabinet, the executive director of different companies, such as Interexport and Adria Airways, and worked with SD after Slovenia gained independence.

Andreja Kocijančič in Janez Kocijančič (Foto: Mediaspeed)

Marxist economist Kovač is a former prominent member of LDS
Although one of the leading theoreticians of marxist economy, Bogomir Kovač did not manage to get to any of the more prominent positions, he was also an unsuccessful candidate on the LDS’s list for the presidential elections in 1995, and the president of the Committee on the Economy of RS, as suggested by the same party. He was also a member of the Liberal Academy and the Forum for the Left.

Bogomir Kovač (Foto: STA)

Kristan was the first president of the National Council
Legal expert Ivan Kristan left his mark on the Slovenian political space as the first president of the National Council.

Ivan Kristan – levo (Foto: STA)

Mencin responsible for tens of thousands murdered unborn children
Metka Mencin is a professor at the regime’s FDV and an associate of the Peace Institute, who used to be an MP of the ZSMS. She is a notorious supporter of the murders of unborn children, among other things she fought for the incorporation of Article 55 into the Constitution.

Metka Mencin (Foto: STA)

Pejovnik – a secretary for the left-wing Ministers of Education, brought Drnovšek’s Movement for Justice and Development to its demise
Former Rector of the University of Ljubljana Stane Pejovnik was a City Councillor of LDS in Ljubljana, and as Drnovšek’s successor, he also became the leader of Movement for Justice and Development. He was not very good at managing the latter, as it was formally abolished. At the time of the ministry of Čok and Slavko Gaber, he was the State Secretary at the Ministry of Education and Sports.

Stane Pejovnik v sredini (Foto: STA)

Mencinger on the disgraced Janković’s list did not manage to get to the European Parliament with his extreme left-wing viewpoints
Among those who signed the letter, we can find another unsuccessful politician; a long-time professor at the regime’s Faculty of Law, Jože Mencinger, who was a candidate for the European Parliament on the list of Pozitivna Slovenija, lead by the disgraced sheriff of Ljubljana Zoran Janković. At that time, Mencinger upset the public at the debates with his extreme left-wing viewpoints, that even the extreme Levica wouldn’t be ashamed of.

Jože Mencinger (Foto: STA)

Pirjevec – a former prominent member of the LDS that switched to Solidarity
Regime’s historian Jože Prijevec did not hold any of the prominent positions in Slovenian politics, but has nevertheless been very active as a member of the LDS since 2005, later, in 2013, he was protesting for Janez Janša’s government to be overthrown and was a candidate for the European Parliament in 2014, on the list of the extreme Solidarity party, lead by the aforementioned Keber.

Jože Pirjevec (Foto: STA)

Repe co-founded Forum 21 and later also joined Solidarity
Božo Repe is an extreme left-wing political activist, and as such also a co-founder of Kučan’s Forum 21. In 2013 he was among the leading members of the Committee for a Fair and Solidaire society, which later transformed itself into the Solidarity Party.

Božo Repe (Foto: STA)

Following her failure with the ZSMS, Salecl has found other ways to upset the public
Renata Salecl is an associate of the Peace Institute and ex-wife of the marxist philosopher Slavoj Žižek, in 1990 she was unsuccessful in her candidacy for an MP at the ZSMS list. Even though she is no longer active in politics, she continues to upset and divide the public with her extreme views up to this day.

Renata Salecl. (Foto: STA)

Rus was Janković’s city councillor
Andrej Rus is also a supporter of the disgraced Janković, in 2006 he was elected to the Ljubljana City Council on his list; he was also the vice-president of the failed Zares party.

Bogdan Biščak in Andrej Rus (Foto: STA)

Svetlik was destroying the welfare state as a Minister in Pahor’s cabinet
Among those who signed the letter, we can find another former Rector of University of Ljubljana, namely Ivan Svetlik, who was the Minister of Labour, Family and Social Affairs in Borut Pahor‘s cabinet, and was also a candidate on SD’s list at the National Assembly elections in 2011.

Ivan Svetlik (foto: STA).

Štrajn – a member of the Alternative Academy and former City Councillor of LDS
As we have previously reported at Nova24TV, Darko Štrajn is an associate of the Alternative Academy, former Liberal Academy, which was a recipient of taxpayer fundings for its activities; he was also a City Councillor of LDS in Ljubljana

Darko Štrajn (Foto: STA)

We have listed only the most recognisable ones. Almost all of them are in one way or another connected to the left-wing ideology and the parties that represent it. Many of them were associates of the notorious UDBA. More on that next time.

Rok Krajnc