‘Friend’ Vasilka first gets loan of €110,000 at NLB, and then moves to vicinity of former Slovenian president Türk

(Foto: skandal24.si)

Greatest affair of former Slovenian president Danilo Türk: his assistant from the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana, Vasilka Sancin, already moved to the centre of Ljubljana in 2009, a minute from the home of the Türk family. They live on Pražakova 7, and Sancin bought an apartment on Pražakova 6. The proximity of the former president and his former assistant was brought to our attention by a reader after the publication of photographs of Türk’s wife Barbara Miklič Türk, writes Skandal24.

The intimate relationship was uncovered at the peak of Türk’s term in 2010 by the Reporter weekly, and the land register shows that in 2009 Vasilka Sancin had already bought the apartment, which is a stone’s throw from the Türk family. This was two years after Danilo Türk had become the president of the Republic of Slovenia. Danilo Türk, who is originally from Maribor, had moved into his wife’s apartment. The relationship with Sancin allegedly started in 2005, when Türk returned from the United Nations to the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana, where he became a deputy dean and Vasilka his assistant.

In 2009, Vasilka Sancin took a loan of €110,000 at the NLB bank in order to buy the apartment. She needs to repay it by September 2024. The interest rate is a six-month EURIBOR + 2.05 percent annually. Božo Jašovič was the president of the NLB management board at the time.

According to publicly available information, Sancin bought a two-room apartment in the second-floor of the skyscraper opposite the home of the Türk family. Before buying an apartment in the centre, she had a permanent address at Glinškova ploščad, where she had lived in a two-room apartment owned by her parents. This is also the address of the Centre for International and Business Law, and Vasilka is still its director.

The career of Türk’s former assistant is flourishing, and her salary has gone sky-high as well. With the arbitration concerning the border with Croatia – she was part of the lawyer team from 2011 – she earned €53,000. The government having withdrawn support for Boštjan M. Zupančič, Sancin will allegedly be appointed as member of the United Nations human rights committee.

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Türk never denied relationship with Sancin
His former cabinet has communicated that they do not wish to comment on the rumours. Allegedly, the wife of the former president of Slovenia, Barbara Miklič Türk, was also aware of her husband’s relationship with the assistant, and she silently consented to it as she did not want to give up the role of first lady. But allegedly there were often sharp arguments at Pražakova 7 followed by weeks of silence between Danilo Türk and Barbara Miklič Türk.