Yugoslavia the richest country in Europe? Another example of big leftist lies

The front page of the famous Forbes magazine ranking former Yugoslavia among the richest countries in Europe, which is being shared excitedly on social networks by Slovenian leftists and those with a nostalgic longing for the country, is completely fictitious and has never existed.

Recently, the Slovenian radical leftists have formed several groups on Facebook, where they spread their degenerate ideas. It is widely known that they do not accept the truth, which is why, like all communists, they have to make use of lies whether it is with regards to history, economy, or any other fact. The truth about former Yugoslavia hurts since it reveals their genocidal nature and responsibility for the moral and economic collapse of the country, so they have started spreading false propaganda.

One example is a front page of the famous business magazine Forbes. Supposedly, one of its issues once had a front page that said Yugoslavia among the richest nations in Europe. The enthusiasm of the leftists concerning the page which elevates the former bankrupt and collapsed country was such that they have shared it thousands of times without ascertaining its authenticity. Unfortunately for them, such an issue of Forbes, which is incidentally a turbo-capitalist American business magazine, has never existed and is an utter lie.

M. P.