Coup by deputies of coalition and Left party: they mock courts by protecting illegal migrant Ahmad from deportation and hiding him in National Assembly

Poslanec SD jan Škoberne skupaj s sirskim ilegalnim migrantom Ahmadom Šamijem (Foto: Twitter)

The Slovenian prime minister, Miro Cerar, is acting as if everything in Slovenia is perfectly fine and his citizens do not have any problems. It seems he has already forgotten about the issue of the two Velenje boys and the chaotic situation at the department of paediatric cardiac surgery. Rather than help some Slovenian in distress, Cerar decided to assist illegal migrants, specifically the migrant Ahmad Shamieha, for whom the court decided that he needs to leave the country, since he illegally entered Slovenia from Croatia (a safe country). What makes this even more absurd is the fact that Ahmad received support from deputies of the Social Democrats (SD), the Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia (DeSUS), the Left, and the Modern Centre Party (SMC), and he was even brought to the National Assembly of Slovenia to protect him from the deportation that should have happened today.

The Syrian Ahmad Shamieh arrived in Slovenia from Croatia as an illegal immigrant, since he illegally crossed the border and thus violated Slovenian regulations. In February 2016, Shamieh asked for international protection in Slovenia, but in June the competent ministry rejected it since the country responsible for examining the application was Croatia. The Court of justice of the European Union confirmed this, and this was also followed by a confirmation at the Slovenian supreme court, which dismissed Shamieh’s appeal. Later, a constitutional appeal against the judgement and the decision of the supreme court as an extraordinary appeal was rejected as well.

Coffee in the National Assembly instead of train
Shamieh should have been deported today, but yesterday he was aided by coalition deputies and deputies of the Left – Jan Škoberne (SD) accompanied by Peter Vilfan (Desus), Miha Kordiš (The Left), and Jasna Murgel (SMC). It seems they have decided to completely ignore the courts, since today they simply brought him to the National Assembly, which the police cannot access, even though he was supposed to board a train that would take him to Croatia like the court decided. Is it just us or does this smell like a coup?

Mister prime minister, what about Slovenians in distress?
The Slovenian prime minister, Miro Cerar, has also rushed to his aid, writing on Twitter that he asked the interior ministry to postpone the deportation until all legal and political options to exercise discretion and not return him to Croatia have been examined.

It needs to be said that it is very sad that Cerar is assisting an alien that arrived in Slovenia illegally instead of helping, for example, the Velenje boys or helping solve the situation at the department of paediatric cardiac surgery or helping any other Slovenian that is in distress, and there are many.

No arguments against deportation, but Cerar decides for criminal offence
The news that most of the deputies in the National Assembly are practically mocking the decision of the court quickly spread across social networks. Some experts chimed in as well, pointing out that the court decided correctly since there are no arguments against deportation. At the same time, the fact that Cerar decided not to carry out the decision of the court also has all signs of an abuse of office, which is prosecuted ex officio.

The constitutional lawyer Dr Matej Avbelj also emphasised that when a person in Slovenia exhausts all legal means, and the decision is final, the decision is considered valid and must be enforced. “After all, we always stress in this country that the decisions of the court must be respected.”

Barbara Oprčkal