How do you know the Earth rotates? Marko Jazbec remains seated in a state-owned company once more

Marko Jazbec (foto: STA)

Marko Jazbec became chairman of the managing board in a state-owned company Sava Re. More recently, Jazbec resigned as the president of the managing board of Slovenian Sovereign Holding, under whose umbrella is the entire national economy, and with this action gave the apparent impression of his withdrawal.

The personal history of his friend Borut Jamnik, who was again confirmed as the chairman of the managing board of reinsurance, is short but rich. In a very short period of time, he has had more functions than practically anyone else, however, it would be hard to say anything positive about his results. The most revealing are his years in NLB where he occupied the function of a managing board member between 2009 and 2012, when our largest state bank realized €2 billion of impairments and NLB’s economic results were negative throughout those years. Citizens have paid for his success with a two-billion recapitalization, and an additional €2.3 billion of bad debts were transferred from the NLB to a “bad bank”. For comparison – during the same time, the private bank Unicredit recorded positive results. It will be Marko Jazbec yet again to keep watch over the cash flows controlled by Jamnik’s network. 

Jazbec’s wife beside Vraničar Erman
And it is Jazbec’s wife, Saša Jazbec, who concludes the circle of this circular economy, which is the pride of our prime minister Miro Cerar, with her position as a director of the directorate at the Ministry of Finance, taking care of the Slovenian budget. This is the budget for which the Court of Auditors rejected the declaration of opinions on the consolidated balance sheet due to a lack of audit evidence. In the budget, there was no indication of fixed assets, computers, cars, land and all other fixed assets. Also, there is no satisfactory data on long-term financial investments of the state. 

Miha Pirih