Is the controversial police officer a well-known leftist, and was it all a well-thought-out act by the LMŠ circles?

Policist Sandi Sheikha - fotografijo naj bi posnel Špehar, očitno pa je policist politično močno opredeljen. (Foto: Facebook)

Is the controversial police officer actually a well-known leftist Sandi Sheikha, and was it all just a well-thought-out act by the LMŠ circles? All the clues suggest that this is, in fact, the case, if we take a look at the situation after putting all the facts together. The police officer who took a selfie with the protester who participated in the illegal protest, instead of writing him up and fining him, is supposedly Sandi Sheikha, who does not hide his adoration for Marjan Šarec and the times of communism on his Facebook page, but is less in favour of the right-wingers, as he obviously – judging by the lawsuit for damages he filed against Dimitrij Rupel, Ph.D. – only likes their money.

More and more rumours are starting to float about, which claim that the controversial police officer who took a selfie with a protester in violation of the Communicable Diseases Act instead of fining him, is Sandi Sheikha. Moreover, according to the journalist Bojan Požar, the whole thing was a well-thought-out act, coordinated by the LMŠ media strategist Matej Špehar, who was also a candidate for the position of an MP on LMŠ’s list, who also took a photo and a video of the police officer with the protester. “Was it all just a staged political game, which was then launched to the media?!” Požar wonders. Once we put all the pieces of the puzzle together, however, this no longer seems like pure speculation, but it increasingly seems more and more likely that this was all just a thought-out scenario for the creation of the controversial photo and video clip.

The Organization and Work of the Police Act specifies that a police officer may not be a member of a political party. But how about if he openly sympathizes with a specific political option and even posts a text, written by a certain political party, on Facebook? Sandi Sheikha openly sympathized with the LMŠ party on October 19th, 2017, when he posted a picture on his Facebook profile, on which he shared Marjan Šarec’s name and the number to choose in order to vote for him, for the then-upcoming elections.

It is obvious that Sheikha does not hide his political belonging, or which side he prefers. He posted the picture on his Facebook profile as public, meaning that even those who are not friends of Sheikha’s on the aforementioned social network, can see it. From his post, we can justifiably conclude that he favours Šarec, and since these Friday protests have a clear intention of overthrowing the current Government and its Prime Minister, Janez Janša, the only logical conclusion is that the police officer himself supports the actions of the protesters. The “random” selfie, as it turns out, is not random at all.

In addition to this, it is well-known that Friday’s protests are not some random uprising of the people, as some of the mainstream media outlets and the politicians who are behind the protests want to make it seem. We have already revealed that Šarec’s LMŠ, Židan’s SD, and Mesec’s Levica, are behind the protests. Šarec’s adviser Damir Črnčec also publicly invited people to join the protests, which further confirms that the protests are not a spontaneous response of the citizens, but a well-coordinated event by the opposition, which does not have the courage to file constrictive no-confidence votes in the National Assembly, as it should if it has a problem with Janez Janša’s Government.

And apparently, Sheikha is not only a worshiper of Marjan Šarec but of the symbol of the red star as well. On May 25th, 2015, he publicly published a picture on which he can be seen wearing the Pioneer scarf with a “Titovka” – a cap that members of the Union of Pioneers of Yugoslavia used to wear. Even though the police are supposed to be apolitical, Sandi Sheikha clearly supports communism, which all of Europe has condemned as a destructive totalitarian system. But judging by the photo, we can also conclude that Sheikha misses the “good” old communist times. It is also obvious that certain protesters are missing those times as well, as some of them made sure to bring the red star and other totalitarian symbols with them to the protests. SD’s MP Marko Koprivc even decided to wear a blood-red T-shirt with a picture of Tito on it.

And not only that, Sheikha clearly does not get along well with those who advocate for a different political option than he himself does. One of his victims was Dimitrij Rupel, Ph. D., who told PortalPlus that he felt strong hatred from the aforementioned police officer, and that “despite my civic impunity and traffic integrity, my academic and political actions from the past were clearly the reason for me being harassed.” As you can read in previously published articles, Sheikha once stopped Rupel, and since Rupel was traveling with his seriously ill wife by his side, he wanted the police officer to complete the procedure as soon as possible. “I see the problem in the fact that the police officer simply decided that I was not wearing a seat belt and that I was intoxicated. Both of his claims turned out to be false.”

However, Sheikha was not satisfied only with how the events unfolded, and with the harassing of Mr. Rupel, he later decided to sue him for damages. “What Sheikha said about his suffering and mental problems is a big farce that is supposed to turn the executioner into the victim, and the victim into a criminal,” Rupel explained in November 2018. Sheikha filed a damage claim of 2,500 euros against Rupel and was supported by the current member of the European Parliament, Milan Brglez, in his actions.

Barbara Majdič