It is time to put right the injustice of the mislaid wills: Compensations for injured parties

Foto: STA

The parliamentary group SDS proposes the establishment of a central register of wills and compensations for wills that were not disclosed.The central register of all wills shall be managed by the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia, namely free of charge, and injured parties due to wills that were not disclosed shall be eligible for compensation,” stated the members of the SDS. Since 1945, many local courts across Slovenia have mislaid 5,329 wills. Initially, the courts claimed otherwise; that they had only 945 mislaid wills, however, it later became clear that this was the number of mislaid wills since 1991 to this day, whereas the number increases to 5,329 considering the years since 1945.

The SDS is of the opinion that injustice caused by mislaid wills in Slovenian courts, could be eliminated with compensations for those who were wrongfully left without their heritage. ”In our opinion and in the opinion of many lawyers as well as some of the judges, these matters became time-barred and cannot be resolved within the framework of the existing legal system, which is the reason why we in the SDS have created a special act,” explained Dr Gorenak from the SDS. With this act, they have also laid down open questions in relation to those individuals that received a heritage and did not know there were any existing wills according to which other people would receive their heritage. “In each case, someone must get compensation,” added Dr Gorenak.

Amending the Inheritance Act shall prevent such handling
To prevent such handlings in the future, the parliamentary group SDS has prepared an amendment to the Inheritance Act. The law which was tabled foresees:

1. a proposal for the establishment of a central register of all wills in the Republic of Slovenia at the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia,

2. a proposal that the Supreme Court shall manage this register free of charge.

The coalition did not endorse one single act of the opposition
At the same time, Dr Gorenak expressed his disagreement with this long-lasting practice, as the president of the national assembly places the opposition’s proposed acts and recommendations on Friday’s agenda, that is the day without voting, and this is the reason why the coalition left the national assembly very early and did not participate in the debates. He also added: “This coalition did not endorse one single act which was created by those who led the European Union.”

Ines Kumalič