Janša’s Government continues to resolutely fight Covid-19

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Janez Janša’s Government is in a race against time amid the COVID-19 health crisis. According to the latest data, there are currently 275 people infected with the coronavirus in Slovenia. The National Security Council met in its enlarged format, to present new measures to help curb the disease. Marjan Šarec, who is the main culprit for Slovenia’s current health crisis, also shared his distasteful opinion.

»While trying to tackle the epidemic, people like to emphasize that the previous Government did nothing. If I remember correctly, some measures were even criticized by people from the EU. Today, however, the same measures are being introduced by others. Long after we’ve already introduced them. Let that be enough,« LMŠ’s president Marjan Šarec praised himself.

Doctor Igor Muženič was very critical of Šarec’s self-praise. »We’ve heard enough from you. We will not forget the way you acted and insulted us. Ever. Because of you, we are working crazy hard, day and night, just to limit the consequences of your deadly »measures.« Even the atheists among us have started to pray in the last couple of days,« dr. Muženič responded.

After the meeting of the National Security Council, Prime Minister Janez Janša announced that in the coming days, the Government would enhance the measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus. The first step will be the adoption of the most urgent legislative measures, and the second step will be the adoption of a package of legislation aimed at the strategic tackling of the crisis’ challenges. According to the participants of the meeting, the politics agree that the measures need to be escalated.

According to Janša, the first steps are actually the measures already implemented. This also includes the laws that will be discussed at the extraordinary session of the National Assembly on Thursday, which will primarily be focused on the economy and, in part, some individuals, allowing them to avoid having to pay certain financial obligations in the first couple of weeks, STA reports.
Anti-crisis law to be passed this week

Prime Minister Janša also announced that an overarching anti-crisis law would be adopted, covering a wide range of measures. It is not yet clear what the scope of it will be, as the EU member states still need to coordinate. According to the Prime Minister, the bill is expected to go into proceedings late next week at best, when the situation will hopefully become clearer. »It will include measures we haven’t seen before, as the current situation is strategically very different than it was on Friday,« Janša said.

Regarding the measures that have already been implemented, and their effectiveness, Janša pointed out that according to the experts, any limit of contact contributes to slowing down the spread. »Everything that happened as a result of these measures is positive, and perhaps the capabilities of our health system won’t be exceeded,« he emphasized.

The Government’s priority is to provide protective masks for the elderly and the most exposed
The Government is currently also working on providing enough protective equipment for those who need it most – health care facilities and nursing homes. Minister of Defence Matej Tonin and Minister of the economy Zdravko Počivalšek talked about the current measures. Tonin highlighted the efforts to increase the supply of protective masks. Some time today, the masks will be delivered to the most exposed and critical areas, such as senior citizens’ homes and health centres, which need the equipment immediately.

Počivalšek added that enough masks would be provided over the next two to three days. First, they will get the surgical masks, more than three million of them. The first major supply will come on Wednesday and then on Friday. One and a half million type two masks (FFFP2) will come on Wednesday, and one million type three masks (FFFP3) on Monday. »This will allow us to also provide the protective equipment for the industrial services that are essential for the functioning of our country,« said the Minister, who was given full power by the Government, to release protective equipment from the national commodity reserves.

When the protective equipment is supplied, some of the measures already implemented will be watered down, and some might even be cancelled, according to Janša, »because parts of everyday activities, including parts of public life, will be able to take place, with the use of protective equipment.«

Zdravko Počivalšek to help the businessmen
Počivalšek also pointed out that the Government is in the final stages of preparing the measures that will help the economy and entrepreneurs survive the crisis. This is an emergency law that will be passed this week. It also includes measures for independent entrepreneurs. »These are liquidity measures, with which we will try to help the independent entrepreneurs and small, medium-sized or large businesses through the SID Bank and the Slovenian Enterprise Fund,« he described.

Discussions are also underway with the Ministry of Finance, commercial banks, and the Bank of Slovenia to extend the deadline for all bank liabilities of companies and, most likely natural persons, too, for a significant time period. The Minister also talked about the commodity reserves, emphasizing that there is enough food in reserve, and the directors of the shopping centres also assured that they have sufficient supplies.

Ministry of Health warns that COVID-19 does not have flu-like symptoms, as was said at the beginning of the health crisis
The National Institute for Public Health has published new data. So far, 7857 samples have been tested, 275 Slovenian citizens are infected. One citizen has died. First of the most important measures have already been implemented, and the Ministry of Health also thanked the media for accurately presenting the measures.

Luka Perš