Journalist looking into drug business of former minister Katarina Kresal is subjected to media assault that threatens her existence

Foto: Nova24TV

Mojca Vočko, who was once employed as a television journalist at Televizija Slovenija (Tednik, Odmevi) and uncovered high-profile scandals, such as the corruption at Unicef in Slovenia and the drug business of Katarina Kresal, has become the target of a coordinated media assault. She has been thoroughly trampled and is now struggling to survive. Vočko was considered to be one of the most talented investigative journalists at the Slovenian national broadcaster. She was the first person in Slovenia investigating corruption at Unicef and also attracted the attention of the anti-corruption commission, which was led by Goran Klemenčič. Criminal charges of corruption were filed against the head of Unicef in Slovenia, and director Maja Vojnović had to resign. She also investigated corrupt, fraudulent and false psychiatric reports. In 1998, she made a 40-minute documentary titled Hrastovec Calvary, in which she proved the crimes at the institution for people with mental and nervous disorders Hrastovec. People lived in horrible conditions, and the money was used for trips by employees.

In April 2011, she prepared a 10-minute TV report on the maltreatment and maiming of pigeons. Her opponents took advantage of it and fabricated a dirty media story about her keeping pigeons at home. They broke into her flat, where she had not been living for ages, and photographed the devastation that someone had caused by letting pigeons loose in there. The media attacked her from all sides, and she was ruined by those that wanted to take revenge on her. She has been pushed into poverty by litigation and has to get food and clothes at Caritas. The host of the Drugorazredni show, Luka Svetina, has listened to her shocking story, and the interview is also available on our site.