Lying hack writer Zgaga continues to internationally embarrass our country and stick to his old ways

Blaž Zgaga (foto: STA)

Blaž Zgaga (Foto: STA)

»Mr. Zgaga, is this your doing? It seems quite clear that it is. The journalist cited your statement, claiming that the Slovenian government ‘has the right to lock up or isolate anyone, if they suspect he is infected with the coronavirus.’ What kind of stupid statements are these?! Are you crazy?!« Dejan Steinbuch, the editor of PortalPlus responded to the article published in the Croatian newspaper Nacional, in which the author bad-mouthed the Prime Minister and the measures taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Political analyst Mitja Iršič has described Zgaga’s actions as an international disgrace.

Janša’s new Government and the new extension of the F571 transitional journalistic group. In 2008, prior to Slovenia’s presidency of the European Council, they wrote to the Council of Europe, that the Government is persecuting journalists and limiting the freedom of the media, even though all international indicators showed that journalistic freedom in Slovenia was at its highest then.

However, Blaž Zgaga, the journalist in the service of the deep state, has been causing trouble every step of the way, ever since Janša’s government was sworn in last Friday. The Croatian weekly newspaper Nacional cited him, stating that Janša would use the measures to impose a dictatorship, and the website of the Council of Europe said that Janša’s new government was leading a defamatory and hostile campaign against Zgaga, because of a Tweet that was posted on the official profile of the Crisis Staff of the Republic of Slovenia.

They began in our home country and are now continuing abroad
From the moment the possibility of forming a new center-right Government has appeared, the transitional media journalists have been misleading the public, claiming that Slovenia is about to become a fascist-janšaist republic with a pinch of Hungarian Orbanism. Blaž Zgaga, who has stayed quiet for the past seven years while the left-wing governments have ruled, is the shining lead of this whole spiel. Now, he’s the first in line to talk about the deprivation of individuals’ rights, the end of Slovenian democracy and the introduction of Janez Janša’s dictatorship.

Thanks to Zgaga, Janša has now found himself on the webpage of the Council of Europe and the pages of Croatian radical weekly newspaper Nacional, in which Zgaga left his mark. The mark of his vileness, which he only shows at carefully picked moments.

Frightening everyone with the idea of a Janez Janša dictatorship
The regime’s hack writer Zgaga has, through the author Boris Bilas, argued that the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic and implementation of the necessary measures are being used to introduce a dictatorship, modeled on Nazism from the 1930s. He stated that in the midst of a health crisis, Janša’s Government had issued a Decree with the intent of implementing arbitrary repression. He also accused Janša of exploiting the crisis to attack journalists and gradually introduce a dictatorship. This statement is as vile as can be.

Blaž Zgaga occasionally writes for the Croatian radical newspaper Nacional. You can see his name in the right corner.  On the day of the appointment of the new Government, Zgaga began harassing the new coalition with questions about the made-up ability of the Government to automatically lock up or isolate any citizen of the Republic of Slovenia who, if infected with the coronavirus, won’t follow the advice of the health experts. Based on this made-up measure, he accused the Government of taking their first step toward a dictatorship of the political power in Slovenia.

Without the consensus of the other coalition partners, Janša can not function as a governing authority
With all of Zgaga’s »international« activities, he seems like a real dilettante and is making the journalistic profession seem like a joke. If we take a close look at the balance of power in the new coalition, we can quickly see that SDS does not have the majority among the Government’s ministers. It would not be possible for the Government to successfully operate during the time of the health crisis, if Janša wouldn’t take the opinions of his coalition partners – SMC, NSi and DeSUS, as well as the opposition’s opinions into account, since the Government can only overcome the health crisis with joint efforts.

Luka Perš