Mr. Janez Janša: “This is a deep state. This is not a political formation. This is the mafia!”

“The empire uses once left paradigm, once liberal, once right, once capitalist and once socialist. All it takes is just to be. Once through the chamber, once through the party, once through the judiciary, once through the media, just to keep them in power. This is a deep country. This is not a political formation. This is a mafia,” the president of the largest parliamentary party, Janez Janša, reveals in an interview on Nova24TV.

Measures how to counter and decompose the deep state system are well known, claims Janez Janša“No action is required to break it down. Last year I wrote a study on this topic. The measures are divided and those who read it see that this is not such a science. It is necessary to establish a normal state, even for the most serious problems. Let’s say in this situation in the judiciary. There are very simple solutions that do not require a major change of the legislation because it already exists.”

Mr. Janša, let’s start with a government crisis, with the employment of a friend of Marjan Šarac, the failure to hand over the Sova documents, the resignation of the Petrol Management Board. The departure of the Levica party from opposition to opposition. Warming tones of the Social Democrats in the Congress. Marjan Šarac time has expired. How long will such a government abstained, if even coalition partners no longer want to cooperate with Marjan Šarec. It seems that uncles are not yet ready for new elections?
Certainly not only are uncles unprepared, so are not voters. After only a good year from the previous parliamentary elections, they are not very excited to go voting again, especially since they already had local elections after the national assembly, and then European elections and before that the presidential elections. All possible elections non-stop. Probably this election fatigue still lasts. In the last year, a government that has done nothing jet has been making the most of this fact, this desire for stability, as in the times of the Mr. Cerar government and much earlier, for example, the Mr. Pahor government. The main achievement they cited is that they are stable. There are no elections. We have some stability but not what they did or did not actually do. Looking at this year and a little more back what laws or what measures. They accepted some of the nonsense that the Levica had ridiculed. Some routine matters, including a good decision, such as the repatriation of our Venezuelan compatriots, but I do not know where it is now in practice. Everything went quiet.

Voditelj oddaje Dialog Aleksander Rant in Janez Janša (Foto: Nova24tv)

We have a time of lost opportunities for Slovenia. I can say that there are years of lost opportunity for us. It is in everyone’s interest to shorten this. Their question, however is, how this can be shortened without new elections.

Interesting Velenje, Tito’s Velenje was said by progressive, people looking forward to the future. It sounded a lot like nonsense as if the government were to adopt right-wing policies, then the Social Democrats need to think about if they want to be in such a government. We must not be in government at all costs, Mrs. Fajon said. Would they then declare Mr. Sharec as right-wing. They will again repeat, that this government is failing because it has been left too little government and too little progressive?
For this political party, which has had many different names in recent decades, is characterized by the fact that they are always there, but nothing to blame. Even in Velenje, they have been in power for 60 years. From day one, when this city exists, they have been guilty of nothing. They are the ones who brought the industry there, which is now being criticized and proclaiming a green paradigm. I have to say which advisor advised this party to declare themselves green in Velenje. This is about the way as German politician would go to Auschwitz and interpret there about human rights.

A few days ago I came across an interesting record of the regimes, now Mr. Petric trumpet newspaper Delo. They wrote that now that the Left has gone from opposition to opposition, now you will have the opportunity to form a government. The hint was obvious, but it did not go without comment that you will only form a government with parties that are afraid of coming to parliament. You turned down this offer on Twitter. The 2011-2012 scenario will not, unfortunately, be obvious.
This diagnosis should be supplemented in the sense that there are only political parties in the current coalition, all five of whom are afraid of elections. Some are afraid of being dropped from the parliament, actually all are afraid. If they do not, then it is logical to find an agreement to go to the early elections. Only I don’t see that purpose. There are only those in the coalition who are afraid of elections. I have to say that. Unlike that atmosphere, created by the mainstream media, following this political party Levica departure from this agreement. The Levica was a coalition party at the time, now the coalition anti-coalition party is gone. This fact has changed the political climate and the situation in Slovenia more than was interpreted in the mainstream media, which are advocates of the so-called stability from which they draw various grants for their survival. From now on, the conflict phase has come. A situation we have already seen in Slovenia’s recent political history. Even during the Pahor government.

This coalition consists of five political parties. They are all small. Everyone thinks it’s the most important because it’s the key to staying alive here for a while. This is where they will start blackmailing. DeSUS had already started with pension adjustment amendment and the coalition was nodding. Alenka Bratusek, then Social Democrats, the coalition will nod to everything. They won’t be able to do everything. The matter will move into a permanent conflict, which will last for a year or until the next budget, where the question is whether Zmago Jelincic will be enough to resolve the situation. Because the only problem won’t be the majority in parliament. The problem will be coordination within the coalition, where there will be less money. The economy is cooling. They did nothing to keep the economy growing. It will be a moment of truth if that moment does not occur earlier. To challenge a little, the Government should draw those who win elections. If Slovenia were a normal state, such a government would already exist. It would be different country and there would be no crisis. Slovenia would be stable in progress and stable in stagnation in decline. On a heart-to-heart basis, in this balance of power in parliament, a serious, solid government that could do a lot of work is impossible to be put together. This fact is contrary to people’s expectation that something will be done without new elections.

On the other hand, the question is whether it is possible to prevent much more damage. This is probably possible within this constellation as well, but the big question is if there is enough sense and consideration within some parties of the government coalition in terms of what actually could benefit them and also clients. What is in their own interest, that this could be done only for a while and that the harm will be mitigated. Last but not least, there are two factors, two facts that are undeniable. It’s about two billion or more money from Brussels, which is our money, but we don’t know how to use it. As a result, dozens of nursing homes could be built, a third development axis, dozens of bypasses, which many Slovenian cities do not have. The money is lying there because the government don’t know how to spend it. Not only they cannot spend it. Also the keeper, i.e. the watchdog of Slovene politics in the central media does not raise any serious questions in this regard. The first question is where the minister is. I do think that already for a month we don’t have a minister responsible for drawing European funds, also no camera in front of Mr Sarec to ask him when he will finally fill this government with one of the key things that cost us a lot. Here, in my opinion, the government as it is now is too weak to be able to negotiate for reallocation of these funds from the so-called soft content where studies are done and in the end, none of it stays. On to the concrete projects that we bloody need. Another such indisputable fact that Slovenia will lead the European Union almost and as it is, not only will it not successfully carry out the project under such leadership, Slovenia will not be able to pull anything out of it.

Interestingly, just one question briefly. I am talking about what interests the coalition customers have. Still, the Levica. You are sitting for coffee in Maxi, and past you are going Luka Mesec and Franc Krizanic. This somehow might draw you thinking where their mode of action came from. The same is with SMC, the same with Alenka Bratusek directly connected via Jankovic to the people who were not elected. Not to mention SD. However, is this government crisis just a show? Maybe only a preparation they still need to come up with something new again. We recently published an article in 1992 The murder, 1994 Depala vas, 2000 Bajuk, and so on, the affair for the affair all the way to Patria and then to prison. Is it a limb of clients who, at their core and attached to some other structure, can even be understood as their own interests, or are managed in such a way as to make room for something new, again.
It is basically for both. Above all, it is a sad fact in Slovenian politics. Especially in the left part of Slovenian politics. There are no sovereign parties here. These parties are not governed by membership, congresses and bodies, but by opinion polls that are often tailored to what they want to learn or achieve. This is decided by the backgrounds of the deep state, the uncles, those who founded them. Because of this, clients come and go. Therefore, they are parties only for one term with a few exceptions, but they have other problems, as we have seen with the so-called social democrats or ecosocialists or whatever they have been renamed in Velenje. In the short term, the Levica benefits out of this conflict. Last but not least, for two months the media was full of Levica and Mr Sarec. Even within this pole, which remains in the coalition, this is Sarec political party.

The question here is what kind of complex ego one must have to name a political party by itself in the 21st century. In short, this party is not losing as much as DESUS is losing, Miro Cerar political party and the next Party Alliance, named after the president. This creates divisions within the coalition. In the long run, only the Levica is gaining plus over this conflict, in terms of increasing or strengthening electoral support. They calculated it all. But if the government collapses in the near future, then extreme left voters will blame them too. The proceeds will not be so big. It should be borne in mind that in the Slovenian electorate, unfortunately, based on what Slavko Gaber did, in Slovenian education, with his successors, some ten percent of the electorate, both among professors and among young people who believe in a better future, leads through the measures we follow in Venezuela.

Let’s take a look at these measures. One year around, maybe a little more. With the exception of staffing at large state-owned companies, we have not seen anything else but the employment of mistresses and the escalation of repression. In the meantime, your political party has been trying to resolve the situation. You filed us with a bunch of laws that were rejected by the coalition because they partially regulate areas. Raising the minimum disability pensions, this is partial. Ensuring equal funding for public programs in private schools, this is partial again, Will we have to regulate the whole law again. We will see more in this term, will it be systemic, like Milojka’s reform of the law on medical services and patients’ rights in the previous term. The first was supposed to be in December, then May, but then there was no government.
If we look at the statistics of their actions by the Sarec government, we would find that most of the laws that dealt with something, such as ratification of international treaties, were proposed by the opposition, the Slovenian Democratic Party, and some from Nova Slovenia. Some would not be there at all because they did not propose anything. This is the first time in history that we have such a defeated, incompetent government structure that it is not even capable of doing some basic things. However, they have hundreds of them written in the coalition agreement. At the same time, we have never had such a cumbersome restrictive apparatus that is nevertheless capable of writing such things. In addition, they pay hundreds of consultants. They are doing the same thing that many civil servants are being pay for. Of the serious things that this government has nevertheless recognized as useful to them in this legislative process, we have last seen in the law on free public transport for seniors and some other categories. We have proposed this several times so far, they have always being refused. Then they suggested the same one themselves. Now Mrs. Bratusek is bragging about this law.

Voditelj oddaje Dialog Aleksander Rant in Janez Janša (Foto: Nova24tv)

We implemented the law in the form of a law already being implemented by Zvone Cernac when he was still Minister of Infrastructure. We have introduced this to students and other categories. We have been watching the absurdity game for the past two weeks, following a measure by the Bank of Slovenia that limited consumer and home loans. The Prime Minister has stated that the bank should freeze this measure for one year and that some articles of the housing law change will be prepared within one year. On the basis of which the State will impose a guarantee. One year they wanted for this, therefore there are 160,000 public administration employees. We prepared it overnight. It is not a big science. Many other countries have such schemes. We presented this at a press conference with by far the largest attendance in the last year. But think, there was no such theme in the mainstream media at all. National television had a large team there. There was neither a word nor a picture, just a brief mention in broadcast Odmevi. Because these are also matters that open the eyes also to those who follow things more superficially. It is very clear what this government is capable of in such steps.

Instead, all the cannons were turned to the Bank of Slovenia, where Mr Sarec said that, in essence, they had caused this situation with this measure. In fact, they were merely trying to regulate it within their powers. The measure, however, is caused by the wrong development policies of left-wing governments. The fact that 300,000 people are not creditworthy is not the responsibility of the Bank of Slovenia, but those who have established such a situation that we are divided into first and second class people and where people’s work is not enough even to survive. It is the government that has to change these things. Even with measures such as state guarantees for those who are solving the housing problem for the first time, and they are just ashamed that the opposition should do it. Then they do everything to prevent it from being known in the Slovenian public. To put it more specifically, in the coalition treaty these so-called the leftist solidarity social government writes that they will spend 160 million a year to solve housing problems, especially for young people. But they have only six million in the budget. There they are giving only six million who spend ten times more on problem, such as the scandalous spending of money on illegal migrants, instead on the housing problem, the problem of young people.

Before the ads, we talked about political reality and now we talk about political magic. In Velenje, the post-communists miraculously turned a blood red star into green. The Levica had already changed that before them. Ecosocialism they are calling it, a green bag in which they will throw 30 billion over the next 10 years. Today we know that 30 billion will not save the environment, pollution, and not at all globally. But it can maintain the left in power. Is this some kind of new ecosocialism. That is, another stealing of people, just to be genuinely concerned with the environment.
I’ll be very specific. The popularity of the Greens in some Western European countries has, of course, lured many in the East, who think it will be possible to reproduce these patterns and replicate what they tried to do in the same party, but by a different name, before the first multi-party elections thirty years ago. At the time, the party suddenly renamed itself in the Democratic Renewal Party. But it is still the same party. They only changed its color from red to European, in our color. It means blue-yellow. All of a sudden, they had posters in blue and yellow with the motto Europe now! Their key people were saying that their program was still socialism with the human face of otherwise Yugoslavia’s, but at the same time they were still putting Europe on posters. It was something completely illusory at that time. Who will take serious Yugoslavia with Milosevic, JLA, the situation that led straight to the war in Europe.

But they put it on posters and then they went back to red. There is something similar now with this so-called green. It should be said here that in the developed world, in the West, people’s awareness of what constitutes a clean environment, clean air, clean drinking water and normal living conditions, is by far the greatest in history. It influences people to look at all this a little differently, also on investments. It is not only important that there will be jobs, but that it will not impair the living environment. A positive move, this is ready for imitation. That is to say, also on the other side of Europe, which in some places lacks of such a development experience. However, we have drastic experience in swineing environment. Remember, the older one, what kind of air Ljubljana used to have or what kind of Sava flowed. Now it’s brown, sometimes it was black, not to mention the Ljubljanica river and many other Slovenian rivers and the air. How fraudulent the measurements were when, in the late 1980s, we established the first ecological societies to begin with, Udba followed them as a counter-revolution. Now is a different time, generations are growing with this awareness that the environment is a value. Of course, some left in the left scene imbued with cultural Marxism have quickly added to this the catastrophic predictions that climate change is expected to happen. He preaches about how climate change is exclusively caused by man, which is completely unproven. Climate change is happening in the history of this planet and will be also later.

How much we influence on this is a big question. The fact is, we are influencing. The fact is that environmental pollution, of course, also affects the climate in part. But I think that it has a far less impact than changes in the sun or things that one cannot influence. It is necessary to understand this and not to work from ideology and fame and new idols like Greta. But the socialists always knew how to exploit it. They always knew how to preach something so large that it was not understood, which is far and which cannot be verified by a normal person immediately. This is an attempt to combine something. Somewhere in the west, this works, but not in this direction, as our ecosocialists wish. In the east, however, this is practically nonexistent. There is little memory of what the color red meant for the environment. The more red flags were on an object, the more the object was swirling around the environment, in the material and spiritual or cultural sense. So, there is not much bread to be made out of this flour. Maybe a side benefit is, forcing other parties to take environmental issues more seriously, to protect the environment. This usually does not begin at major pompous congresses, but at municipal councils, where they specifically decide on certain environmental matters.

The Levica party also had a green star for three years. Today they are back in the red. But what about SD Congress, let’s devote a few moments to that. Something out of time. Everything was wrong. They began with the song of the 14th Division, which was proved the use of children as for a live shield against the Germans. They continued to emphasize Tito’s Velenje and talked about ecology in a city where, due to pollution during socialism, cancers still occur much more frequently today. You mentioned also Zasavje, Mezica. With all this, they thundered, “the future will be progressive or it won’t be any.” Should we be afraid. Do we really want a progressive future?
This password is known to me somewhere from the totalitarian regime. The future will be communism or there will be no future. In different variants, we have heard this and we also read it in different brochures. Otherwise, there is no point in dealing with this political party too seriously. Everything they build on is stacked. From a historical backdrop to a new color, which they themselves acknowledged. Even red is said not to be red because it is green. Someone who is so lying about the obvious facts does not deserve serious consideration. It deserves it when the authorities have their eyebrows raised because of such misguided ideologies the genocides of the Huda Jama and Srebrenica and similar atrocities were born.

Let’s look at the other absurdities associated with this political party that you say doesn’t make sense to deal with. National Assembly Speaker Dejan Zidan has received left-winger and impatient Domen Savic and his poor 200 hate signatures, which he has been collecting for months. Savic, however, has been lobbying state-run companies to not advertise in government-controlled media. But what signal does a Zidan give to this when he accepts such a radical individual, without all the political weight, and talks to him as if he was some serious activist concerned with real things. What a signal he gives to the rest, practically two million people living in the country who did not sign the petition.
Another act in this plea of distraction and hypocrisy. It comes from the same paradigm. For example, the most famous is Kidric’s phrase: “The Communist is never cruel. He is humane even when he shoots people or kills them.” That is, if we pass this on to a Zidan act, we could say “someone who is left-wing, a socialist who considers himself a progressive is always tolerant even if he scolds”.

Janez Janša (Foto: Nova24tv)

Very interesting, everything about financing the media and other media empires in Slovenia is in the last year of the Sarec government since they have nothing left to advertise. Interestingly, if you know, or have people talk about what is the essential situation in the leadership of these companies. The state-owned companies are one of the largest companies in Slovenia and are always under the control of politics. We have seen the resignation of the Petrol Board, and there are substitutions also elsewhere. Is this topic in the media really so important that pressure is exerted on the management of a state-owned company’s.
Only they are allowed. If I were to say that so when I was Prime Minister, or Andrej Bajuk or Lojze Peterle. They would crucify him until he repented and went to Canoso and said that these companies were financing the media even more. Europe would collapse and the European Society of journalists would react. However, since it is about them, it is permissible. The situation we have in Slovenia would not exist if there were no double standards. Lieing power is always only possible on the basis of double standards.

The trial in the Patria case will begin in three days from this broadcast. But this time for the judges and prosecutors who brought this construct across three court cases all the way to the Constitutional Court, which then repealed all convictions. There are no more lawyers today, at least serious ones, who would put their name down and defend this process. Consider that the court will be capable of internal reflection and that this time the crow will exclude the eyes. You think that Barbara Klajnsek, Branko Maslesa, Branka Zobec Hrastar, Ferlinc and others will be held liable for their violation of the law in everything from the filing of the indictment onwards, to which, according to the dictatorship of the Constitutional Court should be dismissed.
I firmly believe that they will answer for that. However, I am almost as firmly convinced that this will not happen now in the first instance. The judge is already a judge who has already judged a claim for damages filed by a party for the theft of elections or the damage where everything was proven. In fact, she did not accept any evidence. Ms. Metka Turk, formerly Metka Turk Dejak is also, to our knowledge, a member of the same Judicial Society as the judges she judges. That is, they are sitting together somewhere and I doubt the crow will take out the eyes. However, there are also higher instances, notably the European Court of Justice, where the Slovenian judiciary has already taken a slap in similar cases.

In addition, there are dozens, hundreds of cases of damages awarded in case law. For example Mr. Misic, because he was discharged from the Management Board of Port Koper and Miss, former Musarjeva Information Commissioner, for not being named TV Director. I don’t know, ten thousand euros or one hundred thousand euros. Some Kranj businessman was paid millions of damages to be to buy Krvavec. This can be based on a rather strange situation. Everywhere it is full of this, but no noise anywhere.

But this is an eclectic matter. The abuse, so directly attributable to the judges and the prosecutor. The evidences are thus proposed, but as it seems, the same judge will judge the proceedings in the action for damages filed by the political party. They don’t even listen to the witnesses we propose, nothing, because ladies and gentlemen are afraid of TV cameras. Mr Maslesa responded with afraid tone to the questions of whether he had being asked about his statements, which were recorded, for which there are also witnesses and so on. Then he said directly that the entire Patria litigation was not only a political process, but an organized one, mounted from the first to the last.

If the court will follow the evidence that are already on the table. You mentioned Mr. Maslesa, then also Branka Zobec Hrastar was also lost. I think Judge Radonjic was the judge at that time. Here are a few things that have already happened at the lower level that point in this direction. But I’m interested in one thing. You mentioned the European Court of Justice. Usually in Slovenia the practice for all these mess is thought by a gentleman who is never elected. He comes to the Constitutional Court. Then it just sits there, with some renown in the world, in Europe. Unfortunately, we note that there are people sitting in the Constitutional Court today who do not care if the case goes to the European Court of Justice. You think it will go so far in the current constellation that it will really have to be decided by the European Court of Justice. This could take another 10 years.
So much likely not, because this must be a matter of a fair trial. You cannot even appeal to the European Court for damages yourself. However, you can complain about unfair trial, and this case, as it stands, indicates that this is precisely why they have a certain advantage. Especially when it comes to high-profile cases, and especially because there are some who have built the weekends, because this is not the first time that such a case comes from Slovenia in connection with an unfair trial. This is full here with us. It is a well-known fact at the European Court of Justice that in Slovenia, despite the existence of legal regulations on criminal trials, judges are not liable. There is no case in Slovenia where one would be held responsible for a criminal trial in some serious cases. I understand that all other European countries have a number of such cases, but Slovenia is not in the power of an establishing a system, of internal control in the judiciary, where the judicial branch of power would be able to sanction those in their ranks who are wrongly prosecuting. Here, actually, crow does not take your eyes out. This is an obvious fact. For this reason, comrades in this case will be carried away as they think they will.

Interesting as you spoke about system problem. But there is actually a systemic problem here. Let’s focus on the case of Kangler and parliamentary investigators in this case. The Constitutional Court has already protected the judges. They probably do not carry any political responsibility, only criminal and so on. This cannot be decided by the National Assembly. It is interesting to note that, on the other side of this line is judge Zirovnik, a former UDBA agent and also an employee of the SOVA during Franc Kangler’s mandate, when he was also a member of the KNOVS. Knowing that in the documents available there were mistakes even during the police process, intentional or unintentional. How do you comment on this decision of the Constitutional Court to now protect the judicial branch here? And are you surprised they didn’t protect the prosecutors. Basically, they said, that they can answer.
For once, this is only a temporary injunction. Now if this is some kind of judiciary, then the question will be asked sooner or later. That branch of power that is directly elected by the people, that is, the legislative branch of power has no right to control by some prescribed channels, and so on, also other branches of government. Then there is the question that the judicial branch of power has no right to control or to judge the legislative branch of power. The separation of powers exists under the Slovenian Constitution. I find it very difficult to interpret it in such an absurd way as some are now trying. The parliamentary commission of inquiry does not judge. It only determines the facts and, based on those facts, if it wants anyone to be prosecuted or punished, they has to hand it over to other authorities. The point here is simply to try to prevent the fact that the truth would come out to the light. This is not about parliament taking over the functions of the judicial branch of government. They prevent a parliamentary inquiry about this case. Now if they had a clear conscience there would not be a single word about it.

There were similar problems with stents and also with a bank hole. Mr Jansa, the last and most difficult question. Police are interspersed with former VISOV’s people advancing to high positions. The prosecution and the judiciary are also interspersed with obedient staff. Not to mention the media, some are powering by our money and others are sitting in tax oases. How long will it take or how many consecutive terms will it take? How strong a government is that will be able to dismantle the systems of the mafia regime and finally start living a democracy. Because today we are not dealing with the political communist left in terms of their elected leaders, but rather we are dealing with an empire that is left behind.
The empire uses once left paradigm, once liberal, once right, once capitalist, once socialist. All it takes is just to be. Once through the chamber, once through the party, once through the judiciary, once through the media, just to keep them on power. This is a deep country. This is not a political formation. It’s a mafia. A series of measures are needed to break it down. I wrote one study last year on this first-rate people topic. The measures are divided and those who read it see that this is not such a science. It is necessary to establish a normal state and even for the most serious problems.

Let’s say something about the judiciary. There are some very simple solutions that do not require a major change to the legislation because they already exist. The Judicial service act has, since 1994 so called Pucnik’s amendment, stating that judges who violated human rights when there was no permanent mandate should not even be appointed to a permanent term. Based on the entry into force of this article, the Slovenian Parliament will have to re-elect 90 percent of the Supreme Court, as well as in many other administrative fields and the Slovenian judiciary. This fact alone would solve 70 percent of the problem. There are solutions, but a strong majority in the National Assembly is needed, which depends on voters and more voters will overlook this situation, the more solid this majority will be in the coming elections.

Luka Perš, Aleksander Rant