Open letter to editor-in-chief of the TV Slovenia’s news programme Manica J. Ambrožič

Yesterday, on Tuesday, April 28th, minister Ales Hojs mentioned the editor of Mladina Grega Repovz in the broadcast Odmevi on TV Slovenija, saying that Repovz attended the protests before the National Assembly. The host of Odmevi Tanja Staric immediately interrupted him and said that she had to intervene because Repovz had informed her that he was not there as a participant of the protest, but as a journalist.

It is highly commendable that you have protected a journalist colleague on national television, which all owners of electrical connection must paying for. We assume that you will continue to do so in the future. Above all, we expect you to do so no matter what medium or journalist is mentioned. Therefore, we inform you that Nova24TV, nova24tv.si, Demokracija and Demokracija.si are not illegally or in any way controversially funded media, that they are not political party media and that they act in accordance with journalistic standards and do not spread hateful, intolerant or controversial speech.

When, at any time, any guest in your media will speak about these media and associate them with illegal financing or spreading hate speech, please interrupt him immediately and explain that we have already written to you and warned you that this is not true.

Boris Tomasic, director of NTV24.si d.d and Nova hiša d.o.o.

Joze Biscak, director of Nova obzorja and editor-in-chief of the weekly magazine Demokracija