Posturing and misleading: the controversial director of the “business octopus” KB 1909 Boris Peric claims that Vega Finanz went out of business in 2012 – how is it possible that it made a loss of five million euros in 2017?!

Boris Peric. (Photo: STA)

“During the discussion at the general meeting of KB 1909, the question of the former second shareholder of the Gorizia company, the anonymous Luxembourg Vega Finanz, came up. All of our media outlets kept quiet about it,” said Jelka Godec, State Secretary in the prime minister’s office and the former chairwoman of the Commission of Inquiry for determining the responsibility of holders of public office in the child cardiology programme and procurement of medical supplies and equipment.

Media outlet TDD Furlanija Julijska Krajina reported on some very interesting information regarding the ownership of the KB 1909, which is the former owner of the weekly Mladina. At the general meeting of the KB 1909, the anonymous Luxembourg company Vega Finanz was revealed, which was founded by Safti in 1989, and, according to Peric, it served to rehabilitate Primorski Dnevnik and TBK. In 2002, its name was changed to Vega Finanz, and it appeared as a shareholder in various companies of the KB 1909 group, and in the parent company itself, the media outlet of the Slovenian minority in Italy reported.

The media outlet further revealed that the document from the Luxembourg registry reveals that the owners of Vega Finanz are Boris Peric himself, former Safti President Dario Zuppin, and Adriano Sossi. On April 12th, 2019, when asked about the ownership of Vega Finanz, Peric calmly replied that he does not know who the owner is. On April 30th, 2020, Peric stated that Vega Finanz had shares in KB 1909. In 2012, a recapitalization of the Luxembourg company took place, and according to Peric, this company no longer exists.

Peric claims that Vega Finanz has not existed since 2012, but in 2017, they recorded a loss of five million euros
However, as the media outlet further reveals, Peric’s words are not true. According to the Luxembourg register, Vega Finanz has also been active in recent years. As the outlet revealed, the claims position grew until 2016, as Vega Finanz borrowed funds. In 2017, it recorded a loss of five million euros. Peric replied that the loss of Vega Finanz was due to the stakes it had in KB 1909. When asked whether Vega Finanz bought the claims for payment within the “business octopus” in the hands of the former regime, Peric replied that he was not aware of it.

It is known that Vega Finanz originated from a State Security Administration of Yugoslavia (UDBA) company. “At the hearing of the inquiry commission, we asked Mr. Boris Peric, who is the head of KB 1909 and now also the bankruptcy liquidator because KB 1909 is in liquidation, who is the owner of Vega Finanz, and he stated that he does not know. He was basically lying. In fact, we know he lied, because the new documents prove that he is the co-owner of Vega Finanz, and at the general meetings of KB1909, he was the representative of Vega Finanz,” Jelka Godec explained to us in a telephone conversation a few days ago. The aforementioned businessman was a representative of Vega Finanz, but now the documents reveal that he is also the owner of Vega Finanz.

The noose around the financing of the weekly Mladina is getting tighter
As we have previously revealed, Vega Finanz was called Proteus until 2002. We also know that KB 1909 was, or still is, the owner of Mladina. The money flowing to Vega Finanz and KB 1909 supposedly came from Mark Medical, as well as from NLB. “It is all connected,” Godec is convinced. “The money was sent to this tax haven. So the money was circulating from Luxembourg to Gorizia, Trieste and Ljubljana.” As we know, the weekly Mladina is part of the deep network of the left-wing media outlets, which have ruled the Slovenian media for many years. But every truth must come out once. Not even an influential man from the Slovenian minority living in Italy with, backed up by the capital of the former Yugoslavia, nor the editor-in-chief of Mladina, Gregor Repovž, can stop this.

You can watch the entire report on the topic, prepared by the TDD Furlanija Julijska Krajina, HERE.

Luka Perš