The Wall Street Journal praised Eastern Europe, which could be an example for the West, for their fight with the coronavirus

Viktor Orbán and Mateusz Morawiecki (Foto: Facebook)

The American Wall Street Journal praised Poland, as well as other Eastern-European countries, for effectively coping with the coronavirus crisis, thus setting an example for Western Europe. According to the newspaper, this part of Europe quickly introduced quarantine, thus effectively curbing the spread of the novel virus infection.

We can read an article in the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal, praising Eastern Europe for quickly and effectively dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, which severely curbed its spread. According to the newspaper, Eastern Europe should be an example of good practice for Western Europe. The WSJ specifically pointed out Poland’s actions.

The newspaper also states that by Sunday, 350 people per million citizens died in Spain, due to the consequences of covid-19. In Italy, that number was 322 per million, in Belgium 314, in France 202, and in the United Kingdom, it was 145 people per million. According to Johns Hopkins University Data, in contrast, Romania lost only 15 people per million citizens, Czech Republic 12, Poland 5, and Slovakia 0.4.

The Czech Republic closed its schools and borders as early as March 12th, Slovakia declared a state of emergency on the same day, while Poland closed all restaurants, borders and shopping centers one day later. On the other hand, the British authorities informed their citizens on March 12th that they could still attend mass sporting events and other similar gatherings. As the Eastern European countries have tackled the problem in a timely and effective manner, they are now slowly lifting the imposed quarantine-related measures.

Eastern European countries have proven that they can cope with demanding tasks
The poorer countries of Eastern and Central Europe feared that their healthcare systems could not withstand the potential overload caused by the epidemic of the novel virus. That is why these countries were so quick to introduce social distancing, as well as restrictions on the movement of the population. And despite their initial unpreparedness and lack of medical supplies, Eastern European countries have proven that they can cope with demanding tasks. Thus, they prevented the chaos, which is currently happening in the United States, France, and Spain, thefirstnews reports.

Slovenia is one of the first European countries to introduce random testing of its citizens
Today, the research on the prevalence of the coronavirus is starting in Slovenia. This is the first such research in our country, which is why it is very difficult to predict exactly how it will go. The invitation to participate in the research has already been sent to 3000 Slovenian citizens. The head of the Institute of Microbiology and Immunology, Miroslav Petrovec, called for everyone who was invited to participate because this is of the utmost importance for the decisions regarding the lifting of the measures in the future.

Domen Mezeg