Trump to withdraw 10,000 American soldiers from Germany “as punishment” – Prime Minister Janez Janša invites them to Slovenia: “NATO allies are welcome here. Together, we are stronger.”

The U.S. military is withdrawing from Germany. Supposedly, only 25,000 soldiers will remain. Will they come to Slovenia? (Photo: epa)

The American media report that the White House is considering a partial withdrawal of its troops from Germany, which, according to reports, surprised the Berlin officials. The United States of America are planning to strengthen their military presence in some eastern European countries, and the U.S. Secretary of Defence, Mark Esper, is expected to brief President Donald Trump on the possible repositioning scenarios shortly. The Pentagon said many troops are likely to be sent to former Soviet bloc countries as a warning to Russia, which has been accused of certain “imperialistic tendencies” in recent years, under President Vladimir Putin.

Two senior Pentagon officials, whose identity has not been released by the AFP news agency, revealed to the media that the United States intends to keep only 25,000 soldiers on German soil in the future, which would mean the withdrawal of as many as 9,500 soldiers. Donald Trump says the withdrawal of the troops is a punishment for the German government, as its military budget does not reach 2 percent of their total GDP, which was a joint agreement of all NATO members.

While most soldiers will be sent back to U.S. territory, the White House is planning to move some of their units closer to Russia, so to the east, as a warning to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose arbitrary move from 2014, when Russia simply annexed Crimea, is seen in Washington as a sign of dangerous Russian military ambitions. The Pentagon is not yet talking about which countries specifically those would be, but during his mid-day meeting with Polish President Andrzej Duda at the White House, Trump hinted that Poland would be one of those countries.

In his invitation on twitter, Janša tagged the “State Department”
It seems that Slovenia might also accept some of the American soldiers, as this is obviously the wish of the Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša, who wrote in his post on Twitter, that the U.S. troops are welcome in Slovenia, as part of the NATO alliance. With this, Janša added that we are “stronger together,” and tagged the official accounts of the U.S. Army in Europe, as well as the State Department.

According to our information, during his third term, the Prime Minister wants to bring the American President to Slovenia on an official visit once again. He never hid his liking for Donald Trump’s politics, so he wants the American couple to visit Slovenia during its presidency of the European Union.

As the First Lady, Melania Trump has not visited Slovenia
The First Lady, Melania Trump, who is Slovenian, has not visited her homeland since the election of her husband as President of the United States. The reason could be partly due to the pronounced dislike of Trump by the previous two left-wing government groups, as well as the hostile media atmosphere, which also targets Melania in Slovenia.

Of course, this scenario would only be feasible is Donald trump will be re-elected in November. This, however, will not be an easy task, as public support for him has been declining in recent weeks. Neither the anarchist protests across the U.S., nor the country’s poor epidemiological picture in the battle with the COVID-19 disease had spared him.

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