It is happening: Aleš Primc and Metka Zevnik are forming a party

Foto: STA

After high-profile and hugely successful projects with which the leaders of the Movement for Children and Families have protected Slovenia from the perverse laws which Cerar’s government has tried to impose on the Slovenian people, the moment has finally arrived – the most prominent members of this movement have decided to form a party, reports the web-portal 24kul.si.

Aleš Primc and Metka Zevnik invite all Slovenians who recognise the importance of Slovenian values and tradition to become the founding members of their party Glas za otroke in družine (A Voice for Children and Families). Primc and Zevnik have indeed been and still are the voice of many children whose constitutional rights have been violated by the Slovenian government as well as the voice of families. Furthermore, they are strong advocates for family values and also stand up for the rights of grandparents with regards to their grandchildren, believing that these rights need to be guaranteed.

The programme declaration, which contains 38 points, declares that the new party will fight for all workers to get a fair payment for their work so that they can lead a decent existence. It also declares that the party will call for changes in the economy as well as in vocational and higher education in order to create conditions that will allow young people to obtain employment, decreasing the emigration of young people abroad. They emphasise that it is necessary to create conditions for a successful economy, since it alone represents the best welfare.