Obvious abuse at RTV Slovenia: at a confrontation of parliamentary parties they used a pretext to promote Šarec

Foto: Twitter/@jelka_godec

RTV Slovenia is again playing by its own rules. Yesterday’s Tarča show organised the first confrontation ahead of the Slovenian parliamentary election. Who was invited? Viewers expected representatives of Slovenian parliamentary parties, and they soon spotted them. But that was not all. Someone else stepped among the people standing in the studio. Someone who was granted a very special spot by the Slovenian national broadcaster. Marjan Šarec joined the parliamentary parties with his farce. But the fact is that he had no business being there. Promotion? Intentional introduction of a new political face? Apparently, Šarec is still a popular exception for the national broadcaster, and he is forced on viewers by any means possible …

Viewers of yesterday’s Tarča show expected to see a confrontation between representatives of Slovenian parliamentary parties. Who did they see? Miro Cerar, Matej Tonin, Dejan Židan, Anže Logar, Luka Mesec, and Tomaž Gantar, but also Šarec, the mayor of the municipality of Kamnik. Where were the other 211 Slovenian mayors? In their municipalities, but Šarec was on national television. The Slovenian political mafia altered the facts again.

It seems Šarec is now also the leader of Slovenian mayors
If they decided to invite a mayor along with the parliamentary parties, why Šarec? Why not someone else that also had nothing to do with the confrontation? Where was Aleš Primc? Franc Kangler? They could, for example, also have invited Bojan Požar. By the same logic, they could also have invited the other 211 Slovenian mayors. The reason cannot be the importance of Kamnik, which is Šarec’s municipality.