When the rules do not apply to “first-class” citizens: This is how the son of a State Prosecutor, Jaša Jenull, deliberately provoked police officers at a protest

Foto: Printscreen

The unofficial organizer of the illegal cycling protests, Jaša Jenull, proved at this Friday evening’s protest, that his goal is not a noble fight for a better state of our society, but to openly provoke the police officers, who once again ensured order and peace. Jenull was part of a group that got involved in an incident with the police in front of the SMC party headquarters, after a note appeared, written on the floor: “It is time to resign!” Despite the fact that a police officer told him not to leave while being processed by the police, Jenull ignored his warning.

When he broadcast the call for the Government to resign on Facebook, we could see him ignoring the police officer. He recklessly replied that he does not have time for this. The policeman did not give up and let Jenull know, loud and clear, that his movement is restricted while being processed by the police.

Jenull began to shout: “I am not resisting!” The police officer was left with no other choice but to use physical force for identification purposes. When a police officer asked Jenull to show him an identity document, he shouted at the police officer: “Please, identify yourself first, and leave me alone!” A different officer then asked Jenull to calm down already, as he was being processed. Jenull, however, asked: “Processed for what? Everyone, identify yourself, please!”

The police officer then let Jenull know that they are police officers and that they are all wearing an inscription with their last name on their chest. Jenull still refused to calm down and hysterically shouted about how the policeman attacked him while he was just “peacefully” walking and filming the writing on the floor, calling for the resignation of the current Government. A police officer told Jenull that they need to inform him about the violation of Article 13 of the Protection of Public Order Act, which prohibits writing and drawing on the floor of publicly accessible places.

It is clear from the footage that Jenull then started laughing, as he could not agree with the officer that there had been a violation. Members of Jenull’s group began commenting on the matter to show their support and asking the police officers if they also process kids when they play hopscotch. However, the police officer did not get confused, but instead, let Jenull know that he will be fined.

Minister of the interior, Aleš Hojs, has already responded to Jenull’s behaviour, writing the following on Twitter: “The son of the first-class citizens, who occasionally transforms into a city breeder of the Peppa pig, thinks that he will be able to provoke and insult the police forever. The prosecutors, even his own dad, still do not know what happened to the 700 euros that his mother “arranged” for a company in Liechtenstein. Paying fines is obviously not a problem for him!”

Does Jenull think he is untouchable?
The issuing of the fee apparently made Jenull very angry. Namely, when he posted the video described above, he also wrote: “There are only two options: whether all of our children are criminals, who will from now on receive a fine of 200 euros for each game of hopscotch (and violent approaches), or the freedom of speech and expression is gradually being abolished in Janša’s Slovenia… You decide! #time_to_resing, #the_Government_will_fall,_see_you_on_the_street.”

As we can see from what Jenull has written, it is obvious that he considers himself first-class, and as such, untouchable. Article 13 of the Protection of Public Order Act is more than clear and states that whoever writes or draws on walls, fences, or other publicly accessible places, except in places where this is allowed, will be fined 50 thousand tolars (old Slovenian currency, 200 euros).

With all of this, it is also interesting to note how the public RTV Slovenija completely “randomly” chose Jenull to talk to, but the journalist did not even mention his name and surname. Despite Jenull’s repeated appearances on the public television station, one would expect a journalist not to present him as a completely random participant in the protests. Apparently, however, there is no end in sight for the mockery of the public broadcaster.

Judging by the posts made by the son of the Supreme State Prosecutor, he seems to have completely lost his way in recent weeks. His participation in the illegal protests is not surprising, as he has been asking people to participate in the protests before: “This Friday, a striking team of 50 brave cyclers is needed, to step up the pressure (on the pedals)! We meet at 4 p.m. at Congress Square. Before the protests, we will visit all the headquarters of the coalition parties, as part of our Ljubljana marathon, and pass on the messages from the people in certain creative ways.” However, the increasing number of signatures on a petition in support of the Government and the decline in turnout at the protests prove that fewer and fewer people actually believe Janull and other radical thinkers and their platitudes.

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