Will the human resources manager at SMC Kešeljević succeed in having 3,400 people lose their jobs at the Post of Slovenia?!

Foto: STA

According to the web portal Pozareport, the economist Aleksandar Kešeljević, one of the creators of the economic programme of Miro Cerar’s Party (Modern Centre Party or SMC), who was a candidate for a ministerial office before a controversial membership in the supervisory board of Infond Holding and the Groff affair eliminated him, called Groznik and demanded that he remove General Manager of the Post of Slovenia Boris Novak from his post. This raises the question of whether these are his instructions or whether he is simply following orders from Miro Cerar.

According to the aforementioned website, President of the Programme Conference of SMC Aleksandar Kešeljević, who is a former ministerial candidate, is full of himself. What is more, he supposedly believes himself to be the next Gregor Golobič. Kešeljević is otherwise known as the main human resources manager at SMC – beside Erik Kopač, who is a former Secretary-General of SMC and now the Minister of State for National Security, and Mičo Sojer, a member of the SMC executive board and Cerar’s confidant who was until recently only known locally – as a hairdresser in Ljubljana. But apparently Kešeljević’s appetite for demonstrating his power is even bigger – allegedly he has called Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Post of Slovenia Aleš Groznik, who is also a fellow professor at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, demanding that Boris Novak’s mandate is not extended. The management of the Slovenian Sovereign Holding has already decided to extend Novak’s mandate some time ago since he has been achieving good business results.

Kešeljević’s instructions over the phone – he made the call last week since the supervisory board was supposed to extend Novak’s mandate this Wednesday – allegedly also included demands to repeat the invitation to tender and appoint Anton Petrič to the post of acting General Manager. Petrič is unknown to the general public and is an employee of Cisco. But he has of course often appeared as a “guest with experience” at the Faculty of Economics.

The simulation of how to transform the Post of Slovenia into a IT service provider for the public administration, which would mean firing as many as 3,400 people, was performed at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, which is also where the idea of having Petrič from Cisco take over the Post has come from. Petrič is a citizen of Ljubljana, so Maribor would lose another local director of a large state enterprise based in Maribor.


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