This is the trio close to LMŠ, which is pressuring the National Bureau of Investigation: their methods are becoming more and more brutal!


An anonymous letter was sent to the Nova24TV editorial office, written by the criminal investigators employed at the National Bureau of Investigation. The criminal investigators have decided to send us a letter, as they can no longer tolerate what is happening at the police and can no longer cope with the political pressure they are being put under. As is evident from the information they shared with us, the Police Trade Union of Slovenia (“Policijski Sindikat Slovenije” – PSS) is pressuring them, at the request of the LMŠ party and Marjan Šarec. The criminal investigators that wrote to us believe that the connection between the Police Trade Union and the LMŠ party is becoming more and more obvious, and their methods are becoming more and more brutal, rude, and they sometimes even border on blackmailing the members to make sure they are obedient, which is allegedly a regular practice at the National Bureau of Investigation.

The editorial board of Nova24TV received an anonymous letter, in which criminal investigators revealed the political pressures coming from certain individuals associated with the LMŠ party. Initially, they pointed out the connection between the Police Trade Union of Slovenia and the List of Marjan Šarec (the LMŠ party). The members of the union are becoming more and more frustrated with the methods being used by their union. According to the authors of the letter, Police officers and criminal investigators are subjected to brutal and rude methods, which sometimes even border on blackmailing of the members, in order to achieve obedience. Former Prime Minister Marjan Šarec was the first party president to attend the congress of the Police Trade Union last year, and the members of the union were not pleased with the fact that he attended the congress. According to the criminal investigators, the fact that Šarec will participate in the congress was a secret for a very long time. Due to Šarec’s involvement in the Police Union, a large number of members even left the union.

In recent weeks, Aleš Hojs has been a constant target due to the public war that the PSS is waging against him. According to the criminal investigators who wish to remain anonymous, the union is getting involved in matters that have nothing to do with its work, and its activities are completely political. As has been mentioned in public several times, the revision of cases at the National Bureau of Investigation (“Nacionalni preiskovalni urad” – NPU) is a matter for the police and not the trade union, and Hojs’ request for an investigation is perfectly legal. Some members of the Regional Police Trade Union had told their leadership that they were crossing the boundaries of political action with their demands. And since they “poked the bear,” they were subjected to slander and threats that they would never get anywhere in their jobs, and they were even threatened with losing their jobs.

Most police officers see no problem in the revisions, ordered by Hojs
Anonymous members of the union pointed out that most police officers see no problem in the auditing and supervising of the work of the police. They added that this is only the case with three high-profile representatives: the president of the Police Union, Rok Cvetko, Gregor Novak, and Mitja Gregorc. Each of them has their own reason for the abuse of the Police Union for political purposes. The authors of the letter also wrote that the Police Trade Union of Slovenia no longer performs the role of a trade union, but rather that of an open political party in the police, which protects its own interests. Such actions were not something the police were accustomed to since gaining our independence.

The first of the prominent names is Rok Cvetko, for whom the criminal investigators say that he was elected because of an order from the LMŠ party – at the aforementioned congress, which was also attended by Šarec himself. Namely, Cvetko kept quiet when anomalies in the police were happening under the then-Minister Boštjan Poklukar, despite the members’ warnings “Rok Cvetko literally sold himself to LMŠ and therefore also sold the union,” the criminal investigators wrote in the letter. Cvetko sold himself because of his interests, as the former minister Poklukar made it possible for him to study, through the then-Director-General of the Police, Tatjana Bobnar. As they say, the fact that he was able to attend school was a counter service for the subordination of the Police Union, although he did not meet the conditions for schooling under the Police Act, as he is said to have already had a recognized education, due to his 15-year career. It thus seems unfair to the members that some members were unable to pursue the training because they were not sent to it, even though it would have been absolutely necessary.

Gregor Novak is renting a police apartment, in which his ex-wife supposedly lives
Until recently, Novak was Bobnar’s right-hand man. According to the criminal investigators, he was the person from the background who led the entire political persecution on behalf of the LMŠ party. They say that it was Novak who collected the information on the politicians – and the NPU investigators – and he also ordered them to overlook many things. According to their information, Novak has unjustifiably been occupying the apartment owned by the police at Kotnikova 8a in Ljubljana for years, in which his ex-wife supposedly lives. Novak is thus a prime example of individuals who are allowed to do everything. Should such an individual take the opposite side and oppose the political interests within the police, he would have been punished.

If they disagree with him, he insults them and calls them right-wingers
The third man that the authors mentioned is the investigator at the NPU and the representative of the police union, Mitja Gregorc. Gregorc investigated a number of controversial issues, which reached to the very top of politics, including the activities of the LDS, SD, Zares, and LMŠ parties. Gregorc is said to be the biggest opponent of Hojs’ revision and audit, as he allegedly concealed many things. “And whoever disagrees with him is mobbed and tortured, slandered in front of his colleagues, insulted and called a right-winger,” they wrote. As they say, due to his political background, many of his mistakes have been overlooked in the past, from dealing with debt collection in his spare time to unprofessional work. Gregorc was also the main initiator of the petition to preserve the position of the former director of the NPU, Darko Muženič. Those who did not want to sign the petition were threatened.

Sara Kovač


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