Billions – each day the red bandits steal the hard-earned money of Slovenian citizens

Foto: STA

Have you ever asked yourself why the Left always supports only self-destructive policies? It supports homosexuals, supports migration, supports the state ownership of companies, supports social allowances (only a fraction of which go to Slovenian families), supports abortion, supports the public sector. But it does not care for birth rates, does not care for demographic distribution, does not care for free enterprise, does not care for the thousands of young people who are fleeing abroad, does not care for Slovenian culture, music and art, does not care for the Slovenian language. The Left supports a world without nations, cultures, and individualists. It supports collectivism with no concern for the banner under which it will appear.

And what drives the Left and its social experiments? Money. Money which is stolen from Slovenian taxpayers through various associations, unions, organisations, consultancies, etc. Why do you wait in line for health care, why do you buy cheap food and cheap clothes for your children, why is there a case backlog, why does nothing ever move forward? Have you ever considered that Slovenia has had 5 years of right-wing and 20 years of left-wing governments? Have you ever wondered why healthy state enterprises have failed? Have you ever thought of the last time you had enough money to do more than just survive?

As long as we have left-wing governments and as long as the Left holds a monopoly in health-care, the judiciary, the public administration, the economy, social policy … Slovenia will remain on a downward path. A few years ago, there was an article in which the author noted that more than €40 billion of taxpayers’ money had been transferred from Slovenia to tax havens. With this money, the Slovenian pigs in the background can easily control the media, the courts, education, and the police. And these are the four things that every proper dictatorship must have under its control.

Democracy or demagogy?
The most important part of a democracy is the presentation of views, opinions, and programmes. The citizens are supposed to look at these programmes, consider them, and decide for the best one (or the one that is the least bad). And after the elections, they should hold those that have been elected to their promises and closely monitor what happens to the money and whether the promised measures are implemented. In Slovenia, this is not the case. The most important role is played by the media, which receive millions from taxpayers’ money. These media do not confront views but summarise affairs. They do not report programmes but weave stories about friendly leftists and stern members of the right. But do you know of another creature that laughs though it has nothing good in mind. A hyena.

These left-wing hyenas cannot win in a fair election, so they mislead the public via members of the media which they own. In this way, the public does not have access to proper information but only to tailored stories, those in power having decided that they are allowed to see and hear them. Therefore, voters do not choose on the basis of facts but only follow those that are the loudest. Whoever yells the loudest will achieve the best outcome in the election. And since the Left controls most of the media, paid commentators, and demagogues, it usually wins in the election.

A. R.