Communist Kučan predicts new political party before next elections

Foto: YouTube. Milan Kučan.

In these hot summer days, Milan Kučan has decided to “stoke up” the already heated political situation in Slovenia. A few days ago, he was a guest on the show of journalist Boštjan Veselič on TV Slovenija 3, where he discussed the importance of honouring the decision of the Arbitral Tribunal and spared no effort to praise Miro Cerar’s government. As is his wont, he did not want to reveal any names while criticising the opposition, though it was obvious where he was pointing his arrows – among other things he claimed that the Right is trying to change the past and that politics should only be concerned with the present. The ideological answers were adroitly put into his mouth by Veselič himself through appropriate questions. Kučan once again denied that he is pulling any strings in this country in the background, telling Veselič with a roguish smile what he thinks of the idea that he is directing the moves of the Left out of Murgle. He also surreptitiously criticised current president of Slovenia Borut Pahor, predicted the emergence of a new party before the next parliamentary elections, and admitted that he has a few people whom he considers suitable to govern the country in the future. However, he did not wish to reveal any names.

The host of the show asked Kučan whether there is any truth to the claims that he is still in control of the left-wing political sphere and whether he has his own candidate for the next parliamentary elections. Despite claiming that he no longer follows parliamentary discussions, Kučan “assumes” that another party is sure to emerge by the next elections. “I know of some competent people [for the next elections], but I’d rather not mention any names since a part of the media environment would immediately insinuate that these people have connections to Murgle, though Murgle is a very pleasant place to live during this heat.” According to Kučan, if there is anyone trying to pull strings from the background, it is influential multinational companies. “Those that claim otherwise are being absurd. This doesn’t belong in politics and law but somewhere else, which I’ll leave unsaid. I do hope you don’t believe that you’re talking with a man of tremendous power who manages the country out of Murgle,” he told Veselič.

L. S.