Reliable sources from the left-wing circles reveal that supposedly, Tilen Hrastnik from Celje is the author of the anonymous constitutional complaint! The matter was supposedly coordinated by Gregor Golobič!

Gregor Golobič in Bogdan Biščak (Foto: STA)

Through reliable sources from the left-wing circles, we found out that supposedly, the anonymous author of the constitutional complaint related to the restrictions of movement outside the municipality of residence, is Tilen Hrastnik from Celje, being represented by the Fincinger law firm from Ljubljana. And to top it all off, the matter was supposedly coordinated by the well-known lobbyist Gregor Golobič, with technical support from Ivan Biščak, the director of the General and Financial Affairs Department of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia, who is Bogdan Biščak’s brother.

Bogdan Biščak is a former leading politician of the LDS and Zares parties, who has a hard time hiding his radicalism against the current Government, led by Janez Janša. His cooperation through his brother is hardly a surprise, seeing that he was recently heard complaining over a very simple security measure, announced by the head of the Ministry of Health’s Advisory Group, Bojana Beović, for the benefit of the health of all Slovenians. She suggested that the etiquette would change, and a hug would be replaced by a polite bow. As a sign of agreement with one of his followers, who posted this: “Hugs will be replaced by a polite bow of the head. What’s next? A return to the middle ages?! This is not going to work!!!,” Biščak added: “Exactly, this is not going to work! People hugged each other after a third of Europe’s population died because of the plague, and we will continue to hug this time!”

In some countries, they would end up in the psych ward
And while some of the European Union member states realize that the Government is adopting strict measures with the sole intention of limiting the spread of the novel coronavirus, the radical left and certain people from the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia clearly still do not understand this. In Germany, the police arrested and put the lawyer Beate Bahner into a psychiatric institution after she initiated the Constitutional Court proceedings because of the government’s restrictions.

Prior to the arrest, Bahner became known for her call for nationwide demonstrations and an urgent request to abolish all protective measures adopted to help limit the spread of the novel coronavirus. The lawyer from Heidelberg believes that the rules regarding the containment of the coronavirus are exaggerated, and advocates for the abolition of the measures. She believes that the measures threaten the rule of law and human rights in the German Federal Republic. Because she resisted the police and even resorted to physical violence, the experts soon realized that she belongs in a mental institution.

In our country, however, the leftists are free to threaten with street violence, and nothing happens to them. They are even filing constitutional complaints related to the governmental measures, which, unlike the measures adopted by the previous Government, are aimed at protecting the lives of Slovenian citizens. Apparently even during one of the worst trials after World War II, some people fail to understand the argument that the Minister of the Interior, Aleš Hojs made, explaining the practicality of this measure: “Can you imagine what would have happened if, for the last three weeks, everyone in Slovenia would have been able to go wherever they felt like going, and the National Assembly would have still been in the phase of adopting the decree, and it would not have been implemented yet? Can you imagine how many victims we would already have by now, and how many patients would need a respirator?” he wrote.

Hana Murn