Bosniak Mehmedalija Alić: Srebrenica is a collective bachelor’s thesis of the sons of ideological teachers from the first event (the post-war massacres)


In his book “Nihče” (nobody), the author Mehmedalija Alić described facts and discoveries about the worst crimes of the second half of the 20th century. In Srebrenica, his brothers were killed in the genocide of the Bosniaks, and years later, he himself was in charge of closing a mine near Laško, known as Huda jama. Alić was pressured to keep quiet about the horrific discovery. He described his experiences of atrocities in Huda jama and in Srebrenica in his book. He believes that not only are the two crimes comparable, but they also have the same ideological leaders.


“After a few months of working in Huda jama, thinking and analysing the events that happened in the Barbara Pit (Barbarin rov) in June 1945, and comparing them to the events of Srebrenica in July 1995, I realized that there was no significant difference between them,” Mehmedalija Alić wrote in his book “Nihče” (nobody). He was initially in charge of the closure of the mine known as Huda jama, in which the largest mass grave on Slovenian soil was discovered.

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“Everything that happened followed the same pattern; the only difference is, it happened at another time. Fifty years later, the events were seen as a kind of collective bachelor’s thesis of the sons of the ideological teachers from the first event,” Alić compared the massacre in Srebrenica to the massacre committed by the communists.

“Before and after, the world’s main culprits from the “cultural” West rewarded the sick criminals of the East, by their own accord. It is less known who the victims of the Huda jama massacre are, but the cruel and disgusting way they were killed is well-known,” Alić added.

Prime Minister Janez Janša wrote something similar years ago. It seems that with his claims, which he has been repeating on every anniversary of the horrors in Srebrenica since 2009, he has now, 11 years later, upset the successors of the League of Communists in Slovenia.

“The massacre in Srebrenica would not have happened if the territory of the former Yugoslavia had been cleared of the communist ideology after its disintegration, and if the post-war massacres in Slovenia and elsewhere would have been condemned,” Janša wrote on Twitter, which upset both the young and the old followers of communism. The National Assembly even demanded an apology from Janša, for daring to tell the truth.

“I must say that so far, these arguments and these studies have not bothered anyone, no one has responded to it in Slovenia, and while the study was ignored in Slovenia, there has been a lot of discussions related to it in the international community, but of course, no objections to the findings, as it is all very logical. The genocide in Srebrenica was conceived by the same evil that was taught at the Academy of the Yugoslav Army in Belgrade,” Janša said in response to the request for an apology from the successors of the League of Communists.

The things that Janša has been saying for the last 11 years have never bothered anyone until now, when they finally got to the members of the SD party, and other worshipers of the League of Communists.

Ivan Šokić


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