Kučan, who opposed the independence, is still a favorite of the Slovenian media space!


Slovenian Press Agency (Slovenska tiskovna agencija – STA) is behaving very similarly to RTV Slovenia, which is financed with the mandatory contributions from all citizens. They summed up Janez Janša’s Easter message in as little as 89 words. A lot more space was devoted to the propaganda of the boss of the successors of the League of Communists of Slovenia (ZKS), Dejan Židan, who spoke about the “European revival,” and the greatest amount of attention was once again paid to Milan Kučan, who was never personally in favor of Slovenia’s independence. They summed up his corny interview for Večer in as many as 418 words. In it, Kučan tries to convince the readers that the presidential elections represented a clear break off from the previous system. The STA, however, did not publish a summary of an interview with the official speaker of the crisis unit, Jelko Kacin, which was also published in Večer, and in which he revealed a lot of interesting things!


Similar to RTV Slovenia, which we are all forced to finance with the mandatory RTV contribution, the Slovenian Press Agency (STA), which is also financed by all taxpayers, does not try to hide its affection for the communist regime.

It is interesting to review the summaries of statements and interviews of some prominent figures of the Slovenian political space and those who give the impression that they are no longer active in politics.

STA summed up Janša’s Easter message in 89 words
On Saturday, Prime Minister Janez Janša’s Easter message was summed up in only 89 words. As they stated, in his Easter message, Janša pointed out that Easter is a holiday of joy and hope, and we all “need both of those very much during these difficult times, when the world, and with it, humanity, are facing one of the most difficult post-World War II trials.”  He urged all citizens to make this year’s Easter even more of a family holiday than ever before, and to phone all our loved ones, instead of visiting them. “Let’s write them a message. Let’s tell them that everything will be fine. Let’s share our hope and joy with them,” he suggested.

STA propagated the yacking of the boss of the successors of ZKS, Dejan Židan, who spoke about the “European revival”
The STA paid much more attention to Lado Bizovičar, as they devoted 161 words to his message. And the president of the SD party, which is the legal successor of the League of Communists of Slovenia (ZKS), Dejan Židan, was given as many as 351 words to propagate his yacking on the European revival of the Socialists & Democrats. The first Prime Minister and former Member of the European Parliament, Lojze Peterle, was given 417 words.

Kučan’s corny interview with Večer received the most attention
The last leader of the Slovenian communists, Milan Kučan, who has never tried to hide the fact that an independent Slovenia was not a personal choice of his, received as many as 418 words from the STA.

The STA wrote a summary of his corny interview for Večer, in which Kučan, among other things, estimated that the elections in which he defeated Jože Pučnik 30 years ago, represented a clear break off from the political system of the time, and were a direct answer to then-crisis of Yugoslavia.

Well, at the time, he was able to convince a lot of people, but nowadays, practically everyone knows that his victory in the election represented a long-standing continuity of the previous undemocratic regime that still rules us from the background today.

STA did not publish a summary of the interview with Kacin, in which he revealed a lot of interesting things
It should also be noted that an interview with the Government’s speaker Jelko Kacin, who is one of the most media-exposed people in the country at the moment, was published in Večer on Saturday. But the deep state’s plan did not work out as they intended it, as Kacin skillfully navigated the provocations and malicious questions from the journalist Uroš Esih. Kacin managed to talk about many interesting things, but he also spoke about some painful topics for the deep state. Among other things, he revealed how Damir Črnčec, Marjan Šarec’s “shield-bearer,” had opposed the convening of the National Security Council for as long as he possibly could. Kacin also revealed who was hurt the most when the illusions related do the late dr. Janez Drnovšek shattered, and he also spoke about the work of the Government’s coalition. The STA did not publish the interview at all, but a short summary can be found HERE.

Rok Krajnc


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