Will Dušan Mes make a deal with the Klarič family, which earned millions during the time of Šarec’s government, and is also the silent partner of the new media project of the left?


Darko Martin Klarič is the owner and president of the management board of Adventura Holding, which is one of the largest Slovenian business groups. Their website states that they earn 250 million euros in revenue per year. He runs the company with his son Tilen Klarič and Aleš Škerlak, who is also the CEO. Among other things, Darko Klarič is also the owner of the largest media agency Media Publikum. Recently, he has attracted a lot of attention with the sale of his company Nomago. At first, Petrol wanted to buy it, but now the most likely buyer is Slovenian Railways. With the sale, Klarič wants to get the capital needed to establish a new media project for the transitional left. And Klarič’s business octopus is making excellent earnings in our country. The Erar application reveals that Šarec’s government alone has given more than 28 million euros to the Nomago company.

At the end of last year, there was a lot of talk about Darko Klarič selling the Nomago Group, one of the largest bus and coach companies in Slovenia. At first, Petrol wanted to buy it, but now the main possible buyer is Slovenian Railways. The deal is estimated to be worth somewhere between 20 and 30 million euros. Our sources tell us that the transaction between Klarič and the Slovenian Railways administration, led by Dušan Mes, shows signs of controversy. So it will be interesting to see if the deal happens at all. The Klarič family is mentioned as one of the main financiers of the new Slovenian transitional media, where the »killer« journalist quartet works in the service of non-censorship.

Darko Klarič is a long-time influential business figure in Slovenia. His Adventura holding business empire is the owner of the Nomago group, Big Bang, Marg, Marina Portorož and Nautički centar Liburni. He is the owner and founder of the largest advertising agency in Slovenia, Media Publikum. His personal sports project is the Bravo Football Club, based in Ljubljana.

Minister of Infrastructure Alenka Bratušek has given the Nomago company more than 28 million euros during the time of Šarec’s government. (Photo: STA)

Šarec’s government has given more than 28 million euros to the Nomago company during its mandate
Nomago is Slovenia’s largest tour operator and provider of comprehensive mobility solutions, which was created by the merger of Izletnik Celje, Avrigo Nova Gorica, Promet Mesec, AP Rižana and the STA potovanja travel agency. The company was founded in 1989. Since 2003, state-owned companies, ministries and municipalities have given Nomago 196,021,361.86 euros. We were interested to see how generous Šarec’s fallen government was towards Klarič’s travel giant. The fallen Šarec government, and the Ministry of Infrastructure led by Alenka Bratušek, have given Nomago 28,350,767.02 euros.

Will Darko Klarič manage to sell his company Nomago to Slovenian Railways? The deal is estimated to be worth between 20 and 30 million euros. (Photo: Facebook)

Media Publikum received 1,453,216.29 euros from RTV Slovenia in 2017
Darko Klarič has built a business octopus during his longlasting business career. He made his way into the business world with his advertising agency Media Publicum. This is the largest Slovenian advertising agency for media planning, optimization and leasing of advertising space in classic and digital media. In the Erar application, we discovered that Klarič’s company received 2,918,303.58 euros. RTV Slovenia was the most generous – in 2017 they deposited 1,453,216.29 euros into the bank account of Klarič’s advertising agency.

In September 2018, Klarič’s business company Adventura holding purchased the largest Slovenian electronic equipment store – Big Bang, for 18 million euros. Erar shows that, as od October 2018, they have received 3,299,016.90 euros. The most substantial receipts were paid by the Post of Slovenia, who deposited 2,264,449.76 euros.

Luka Perš


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